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The Calor House Grove

"A visit to the Calor House Grove is like nothing I can describe. I arrived into a clearing of trees when I heard the inexplicable sound of fireworks and laughter. Looking around a tree, it came into vision: a midsummer nights celebration. A bonfire was roaring, and instead of the fae warding me off a few of them saw me hovering by the trees.   'Stay! Celebrate with us this night!' they told me, and of course I drew back and thought my words over before I replied. I worried about fae dragging me into their world never to release me again, and it must have shown on my face. One of the fae - a lovely looking thing with unearthly eyes and hair like coal dust giggled, and spoke up again.   'Silly! We're Calor, and it's midsummer! None of that happens tonight. You couldn't have planned a better evening to stumble across us.'"
  The Calor House Grove is one of the main locations The Calor House made as a gathering space. It is enchanted for the trees to constantly grow ripe fruit, and for the sap to be made into drink when tapped. As it is a Calor location, the grove itself is always unseasonably warm.   It can only be found by looking around the left side of a particular tree from a certain angle, and the clearing seen inside of it is much larger and warmer looking than the clearing it supposedly inhabits. It is considered a celebratory space, and most Calor midsummer celebrations are held there.


The clearing is flat, with heavy tree covering surrounding it and covering up all but the midday sun area of the sky. The magic the grove is under allows for warm light to constantly be shining through, creating the effect of dappled leaves upon the ground. This magic is in line with the natural day/night cycle, so this enchanted sun does set, and is replaced with organic light sprouting up through the tree leaves.   The only way into the grove is the particular tree you need to look around, although to exit the grove you need only walk far enough away from the clearing.

Natural Resources

Many different kinds of fruit from the trees surrounding the edge of the grove, different drinks tapped from the tree sap, an eternal and magical warmth.

Alternative Name(s)
The Grove

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Cover image: by Eberhard Grossgasteiger


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