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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the land of the Fae, Tree Gnomes, a variety of other magical or supernatural creatures and races.


Sylvania has various types of terrain. There are forests and jungles, hills, mountains, rolling hills, mushroom fens, plains, and swamps. The majority of the terrain is lush and untouched by man. The fae live in harmony with nature and don't despoil it. There are many rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes throughout the land.

The Tree Gnomes mostly live to the North and Fey in the South but there are exceptions. The North is bracketed by mountains to repel Mu raiders, the rest is covered in dense trees, with the middle covered in plains. The South has forests to the West, Swamp and plains in the middle and Mushroom fens with low hills to the East. Icarans live in mountain aeries in Iclana.

The nearest islands are Mystra to the North, Atlantia to the East, Volcanus to the South and Animus to the West.

Fauna & Flora

All types of plants and animals thrive here, and any type of fae imaginable. Some include fairies, pixies, nixies, tree gnomes, tre-ents, twiglings, flowerings, etc. All are welcome here as long as they'll live in harmony with the natural world.

Natural Resources

Forests, water, air, stone, metal, minerals, etc.

Sylvania wasn't always as it appears in the present day. Most of the terrain was similar, but not as magical. Certain areas of the deep forests and mountains were always touched by the Feywild (often called Underhill). The Fae always lived in these protected areas.

As a result of the Chaos Wars, a tear widened and allowed more of the Feywild through. Certain Ancient Fae took advantage of this and forced a wider breach. They used their magic and will to force a foothold that allowed the Underhill chaos magic to weaken the veil between the worlds to further allow the Feywild to overlay this new land. With their combined strength they anchored their Realm onto the new one and merged them together.

Alternative Name(s)
Feyland, Feylands, Feywild.
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The Fae live as one with the land and nurture instead of destroying nature. Magic is plentiful, at night the leylines appear as translucent glowing blue rivers of energy flowing throughout the land. Strong Fae can travel these lines at will, and they tend to live near a node or line for quick access to the power. A rare few are so powerful that they can teleport from one node to another.

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