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The shepherd of the forest. The tree that walks.

Written by Pookas Kreations

They are a plant fey, and are likened to the Tree-ants, but are only cousins, their adult form are called Ents. They start out tiny and can grow to Large.

They can be carried far afield to start new Ent thickets; cuttings can also be planted to save a dying Ent. They are very long lived.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Blossom, luna, glade, sylva, shadow, kinder, twig, aldar, mellow, autumn, cedar, willow, chara, vine, hazel, kinda, meadow, rill.

Masculine names

Treebeard, glade, moonglade, snowwood, cunningtalon, burnedtalon, wisethorn, acorntooth, elmgrove, locustshrub, birchbark, shadowbirch, weepingnut, summerbeech, kindoak, wildstump acorntwig, treetrunk, pinetendril, yewhow


Major language groups and dialects

Sylvan and Ent. Also Elven, Gnomin.

Shared customary codes and values

To tend the groves and all within (plants and animals), to protect those in need.

Common Taboos

They despise fire for the death it can bring.


Beauty Ideals

They see beauty in the color, shape and style of the leaves and bark.

Gender Ideals

Females mostly stay rooted and are like dryad/wood nymphs. Mating is done like trees (flowers and pollen), with seeds/nuts as the result.

Courtship Ideals

On the first full moon after midsummer, the Ents gather in the females grove. They dance to the grove and their chosen Enta. She sends a signal to the one chosen.

Major organizations


Twiglings they are the shepherds of large swathes of forests, orchards, valleys etc. Guardians of the Elven/Fey lands. When young they travel around patrolling and learning the skills needed to become Guardians.

Most twiglings have a short lifespan, 1/2 human years (around 40 years). When they pass their manhood ritual to become a Guardian, their life is extended to Elven years or as long as the forest needs protection. They are commonly pacifist, but will defend their home, family and innocents in need.

Twigling special abilities: +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, -2 Strength
  • lowlight vision
  • Spores (light): as dancing lights, at will.
  • Entangling Vines: able to use Improved Grapple feat with opponents 1 size smaller or less.
  • Take Root: when healing is needed they can take root 2/day to heal as normal.
  • Woodland Stride (forest): as druid ability.
  • Camouflage, greater: are able to appear as a tree/shrub of their size. While in this form, they can observe, but not interact. As tree shape.
Encompassed species
Significant presence in

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