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Zerzura is a historically significant oasis that serves as a cultural hub within the Adhaf desert that spans a large portion of Jinnistan.


Zerzura is recognizable by the date palm groves that borders it from the Adhaf sand dunes. It is a hot subtropical region that has plenty of sunshine year round. In the center is a rather large lake that is though to be fed by a subterranean river running through an underground irrigation system, which brings water from boreholes to water farms and palm trees. The kind of irrigation is an ancient system dating back thousands of years and is used widely in neighboring countries that share the region.

Fauna & Flora

There is little diversity of flora in the region with Zerzura probably being the spot with the most. Date palms are the common plant seen in the oasis, they are practically everywhere but maintain the freshness of the area by providing shade for smaller trees. The second most common plants tend to be fruit trees, such as figs, peaches, apricots, and pomegranates. Then there are seeds spread by migrating birds and harpies has led to the growth of oranges, apples, bananas, and even wheat and barley.   Zerzura also attracts more of the fuana of the region as well. Camels are a common sight here between their travels and gazelles are often seen near shrubs and the watering hole.

Natural Resources

Within the center of the oasis, lies a pristine watering hole the size of a lake. Underneath, runs a large river that provides freshwater to those in the area for personal use and agriculture.   Within the desert is a liberal supply of phosphates and sulfur that is periodically mined.
Alternative Name(s)
White Dove Oasis
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