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Yunango Jungle

The Yunango Jungle is as dangerous as it is beautiful. A vast expanse of tropical forest hides many mysteries but also a whole host of threats to get past for those who dare try to find them.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer


The Yunango Jungle is situated in southern Suriima. It stretches from the Quitapha Dynasty's capital city of Sarancio all the way to the southern coast of the continent, only relenting just before the coastal settlement Vialina in the far southeast. Otherwise, it also reaches the eastern coast and the foot of the Bardosa Mountains that margin the western edge. At its widest point, the jungle is around 1000 miles wide. The Phantasma Jungle, which sits across the boundary between the Quitapha Dynasty and the Couvalon Kingdom further north is far more expansive in total size.  

Flora & Fauna

The Yunango Jungle boasts the most diverse array of living beings in Axora. Whilst the Phantasma Jungle further north may be larger, the Yunango is more alive. Those that travel to the Phantasma Jungle say there is an unnatural aura to the air in that place. Thankfully, that aura is not present in the Yunango and it is teeming with life. Plants with flowers of every colour... and every diet exist there. All manner of insects scuttle and buzz about. Rodents of various sizes make their home there and big cats stalk the undergrowth. The only facet of animal life missing is large birds, purely due to the lack of airspace to effectively hunt. Smaller wingspans succeed in the jungle.   The Yunango Jungle is notable as it one of two remaining places that the giant ancient lizards still flourish in. The other is the central and southern regions of Thrabad.  

Notable Flora & Fauna


The Shadestalker is a species of big cat that calls the jungle their home. They are known to be apex predators. They are also used as steeds by the Quitaphan Dynasty.
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