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Suriima houses two distinct cultures in the two kingdoms that split the continent in the north and south. To experience both, one has to traverse miles of deadly jungle.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous Dwarf adventurer


There are two main controlling factions on the mainland. The Couvalon Kingdom rules the northern portion, with the Quitapha Dynasty in the south. The traditional boundary lies from the top of the Bardosa mountain range on the west coast to the base of the peninsula in the east where the town of Kana is located. Around the main continent are a few large islands. One located to the west, and one located to the south of the mainland are technically under the banner of the Quitapha Dynasty, but the Cantois Isles to the east are not. The pair of islands that make up the Cantois Isles have their own leadership.


Suriima is a narrow continent, whose north-south distance is far greater than east-west. It is mostly covered in jungle, predominantly in the central and southern portions. The more open expanses of the north are covered in fertile green hills. Down the western side of the part of the continent under the control of the Quitapha Dynasty are the Bardosa Mountains. This elevated region pushes further into the continent with mesas.


It is a warm, humid climate for most of the year. Summers in particular tend to be either boiling sun or heavy monsoon-like rains, with very little in-between.

Fauna & Flora

The jungles of Suriima hold quite possibly the widest variety of flora and fauna anywhere in Axora. Due to the inherent dangers of the Phantasma Jungle that splits the continent across the middle, it is suspected that there are a very many number of species that have yet to even be recorded and catalogued. The most notable animal inhabitant of Suriima is the Shadestalker, which the Quitaphan Dynasty also breed as mounts for their hunters and soldiers. It is generally wise, though, regardless of appearance that any flora or fauna you come across in these regions has some deadly aspect to them, be it offensive or defensive.   The islands around Suriima host their own ecosystems of weird and wonderful wildlife that have developed separate from the mainland, and the potential predators that never made it to those.


The port city of Ellaluna is regarded as the second founded city of the Age of Discovery, after Ialos in Mysandros. Ialos was founded by the initial expeditions that headed east, Ellaluna was founded by those that went south.   A cohort of Elves continued south, survived what became known as the Phantasma Jungle and settled in the lower regions of the continent. These elves evolved to their new environment, become a new sub-species: the Jungle Elves. The Dynasties in power in the south have changed many times over the millenia, but since the Cataclysm War, the Quitaphan Dynasty have been the ones in power in the capital city of Sarancio.


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