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Isle Grove

....and it's said that those what trespass on the Isle with bad intentions are never heard from again. I think the druids just eats 'em. street urchin regaling travelers with tales, in hopes of earning some coin.


Isle Grove has been home to druids for hundreds of years. It is also home to several species of plant and animal life that can't be found anywhere else in the world. The Isle is protected by the druids and only those seeking audience with the druids are permitted onto the island.


A lush tropical island located a few miles off the north eastern coast of Ahiria. Formed from ancient volcanic activity, Isle Grove rises slightly in the centre and is covered in thick tropical vegetation and trees. The jungle on the western and southern sides of the island ends abruptly in cliffs with the ocean below. Rocky and sandy beaches make up the coastal areas to the north and east of the island.

Fauna & Flora

Lush tropical plants and trees cover most of the island, the druids tend the jungle so that it grows healthily. There are two unique animal species which reside upon the island, a large flightless bird and a tree climbing crab. The druids protect these species in order to prevent their extinction. The island is host to a vast array of medicinal plants including many rare herbs and tubers, not least of which are the Morning Ray and the Hanath Darr, both of which grow solely on the island. Alongside these notable specimens, the island is teeming with a host of animal, insect and reptilian life.

Natural Resources

Medicinal herbs and alchemical reagents are the main resources of the island, the druids also farm a variety of fruits and herbs. All of these items the druids trade with the neighbouring country of Ahiria. Many magic users, alchemists and those desperate for rare healing herbs also seek out the druids to trade for the rarer items.

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