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Druids form a powerful organization in the world of Paneus. They reside in various groves throughout the world. These groves are also usually convergence points of planes. The druids remain neutral in world conflicts in order to retain their ability to move about the world freely. They are spirit walkers able to move in the spaces between the planes. They guard the "soft points" between planes and can also visit other planes which touch upon the material plane.

Druids come from every race and corner of Paneus. They will seek out those born with "the gift" in order to train them and those who are willing, will join the druidic order. They are Strong magic users specialising in planar and nature magics. Their groves are considered neutral ground no matter where in Paneus they are located.

The druids are allowed wherever they need to be in order to protect the material plane from external and unnatural forces. They will sometimes act as mediators between groups or countries and will offer safe and neutral ground for talks between hostile nations or peoples to take place.

  Income sources - how do they fund themselves.   Titles for the other two Great Circle members.   Locations for the other 4 shrines groves.


A circle of 3 druids are in charge of the druidic order as a whole   Each grove is led by a head druid - 6 groves   Fully trained druids   Acolytes (druids in training)

Public Agenda

  • To protect the material plane from external and unnatural forces.
  • To maintain neutrality in the politics of Paneus.
  • To act as mediators and provide neutral ground during negotiations.


Druids have been around for thousands of years. Started as just groves of nature mages. During the first planar invasion, the druids of Paneus were the only ones capable of sealing back up the tear and warding/guarding the soft spot from further intrusion. After this treaties were signed with all the peoples and nations of Paneus, granting the druids their current status in Paneus. Groves and temples were set up at all of the soft spots found across the world and these groves became neutral territory, with their own laws and governance.

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