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Eden Forest 1

The few that saw the moon reflecting at the lake in this place are lost forever because never again will see something wonderful and perfect.


This large forest has two distintive features: A great lake almost at the center and an anciet oak in the center.

The forest is very old, almost from the begining of the world. Some tales say that the gods of creation live here while they create all things. He and her sister create the lake to bathe and the oak tree to sleep

The floor in here is so rich and fertile that even foreing species of vegetation growth in here. This place has a lot godly magic because never in the history has been a plage, a natural disaster or even afected by war.

The forest is the secret home of a tribe of Centaurs and a lot of Dryades both species lay low, staying away of each other and other major races specially the Minotaurs.

Fauna & Flora

Flora: Around 2500 species.

The trees have broad leaves, hard core and are 30 to 50m height.
One particular specie of tree, the Adag, is hard as iron.
Some species are oak, Willow, Hemlock, Maple, Sunflower, False Laurel.


100 species of mammal as: rabbit, skunk, fox,boar, deer, puma, brown bear, five wolf species.
This is a home for 133 species of reptilian and amphibian species. One in particular with a deadly bite and other with some sort of magical camuflage.
Around of 400 bird's species, can be found from pettit Hummingbirds and woodpeckers to large eagles.


The Driads are rare in nature because have plant and animal characteristics.
Since the lost of magic only the favor of some gods maintains sites like this one. They are, in some way, trapped in this forest. If any one of them leaves, she deacays and dies



Two different troll species lives here, forest troll: Large, aggresive and with some regenerative powers and the gnome troll: Small, not so fierce but almost impossible to kill without fire. The trolls are nasty, fearless (except agains fire) and not so clever but as an almost extinc specie they need to adapt. They rarely leave the forest and learn to be in balance with the other species. The cenaturs think is the forest magic that calm the aggresive nature of the trolls

Natural Resources

A great lake is almost at the center of this forest. Have a lot of fish that serves as food for the bears.
No one knows how deep is the lake, some say is a passage to the underworld.
Only the centaurs benefits from the resources: food, fish and boards. They dont hunt the deers. They use some wood to contrucction and soil to growth fruit and vegetables.


  • Temperature: -30°C to 30°C
  • Precipitation: 75 to 150 cm
  • Sunlight:Good penetration.
Alternative Name(s)
Hezhear (in a very ancient language)


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