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Summersill Gardens


100 acres of soft hills and trees and spaces between. Dark gray stone peaks out in outcroppings toward the east end.

Fauna & Flora

Deer comprise the top of the food chain in this idyllic area. They frolic and gamble through tall green grass, antlers pointing to Arvoreen's realm in the white, cotton clouds above. They are the royalty of the grove.   Smaller woodland creatures are next: red squirrels. rabbits, small foxes, badgers, and other small fossorial animals. These are called affectionately "critters" by the Halflings and grove tenders.   Insects and other "lesser" critters abound in the usually warm and humid haven. Spiders spin fantastical webs to catch fat flies. Snakes, though keeping to themselves, do sometimes wreak misfortune upon the smaller critters, but such is nature. A wise serpent is said to live under the large rotted oak near the center of the grove who may grant a boon to one who proves themselves.   An aloof moose is rumored to be here as well, but some say it's just legend.

Natural Resources

Abounding with natural resources, but absolutely illegal to harvest, the Queen's Reserve enjoys relative peace and overgrowth. Timber would sell for much considering felling one tree here could build a village's worth of housing.   The clear water that runs in babbling brooklets rings sonorously through the crisp air, almost hinting at its possible origin deep in the Deadlands as youth-reviving water. Indeed, no animal is seen to have died of natural causes.   Berry bushes cluster around the briar patches scattered throughout. The berries produced attract bees and wasps and any other sweet-loving thing to them. Their smell, according to the keen noses of Halflings, is so pungently sweet you can track down the Iron Quay from the peninsula's East Port, and the scent is enough to drive you to swim the channel.   No mining is allowed, but Dwarves and Gnomes suspect some rich veins flowing underneath like rocky rivers carrying their weight in platinum, just waiting to be revealed.
Alternative Name(s)
Queen's Reserve, Het'tal Nuum
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