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Cinderwood Plateau

Shrouded in superstition and rumors of dark powers spilling out from its top, the Cinderwood Plateau, at first glance, would look anything but a dangerous place. A massive wall of tightly packed dirt and rock, topped with bountiful ever-autumn trees for which it got its name that expands for many miles west to the Kurell Ocean. Little is known about the origins of the enchantment that keeps the plateau and surrounding land in permanent autumn and paths leading up to the top are jealously guarded by the people of nearby Cindervayne, which only perpetuate rumors of danger from the plateau.   Stories of strange lights in the trees, songs carried on the wind, strange figures appearing then vanishing among the trees beneath the Plateau, and others have made the Cinderwood Plateau a place to avoid going near for most common folk. For the brave and the curious, though, it represents one of the many mysteries of the world, and will sometimes travel there, in search of answers and discoveries that will lift the veil from this beautiful place.


The Cinderwood Plateau rises roughly a mile above sea level and stretches 20 miles to the Kurell Coast. The earthen wall of the plateau has no obvious falling points that would allow traveling up and down from the top, and any that may exist are closely guarded secrets. There are no widely known sources of water that exist on top of the plateau. The top is covered by a forest that is permanently set in autumn colors. Rolling and rocky hills surround the base of the plateau, making traveling to the base difficult without a guide.

Fauna & Flora

A number of animals live around and on the plateau, including foxes, rabbits, deer, and many species of birds. There are also larger creatures, such as wolves, elk, and the occasional dire wolf. The plants of the plateau include oak and spruce trees and a variety of shrubbery. One notable piece of flora is a flower, called Sprite Blossom, which grows in circular clusters at the base of the older trees in the forest. the Sprite Blossom is colored pink and purple petals with a bright blue center and a yellow stem.

Natural Resources

The wood of the Cinderwood trees is said to be very strong and light, making it a desirable resource for loggers. There is also rumors of gold and even platinum ore buried deep within the plateau itself, but these rumors have little evidence to support them.

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