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The first golden world to be discovered and as such are one of the more habitable places in the galaxy. It was the first colonization efforts within humanity and began the first steps for humanity to become a galactic power. Palacios is known for it's beautiful fungal forests and extraordinary waterfalls and rivers.


The planet's geography is something completely unique and is extremely rare. The types of terrain range from the coldest tundra, dry open plains, to lush jungle forests fit for any type of life. It even has floating islands in some places due to the high consecration of dark matter. This makes the planet a great place from agriculture development. The biodiversity within the planet is extremely high with so many unique species that many of the regions of the planet have fragile ecosystems that, when damaged, could disrupt the entire ecology of the area. Lucky most of these creatures are mostly docile on majority of the planet.

Fauna & Flora

As discussed, the biodiversity on the planet is extremely high. Here are some of the examples you might see.
  • The Velopode: a carnivorous plant that can eat entire creatures.
  • The Great Tundra Snake: Typically coldblooded, these snakes developed ways of taking in vast of amounts of heat from the surrounding environment.
  • Westria: A powerful herb that is an excellent disinfectant.
  • The Coorcro: These powerful felines are as large as a bear and as strong as a lion

Natural Resources

Here are some of the special resources found here.
  • Dark Matter : Low
  • Special Alloys : High
  • Scientific Discoveries : High
Such a wonderful place to visit. Many people travel here to see some of the lush vegetation and enjoy the variety of wildlife.
Owning Organization

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