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United Alliance of Earth

United Alliance of Earth is the interstellar government of humanity. They were one of the founding members of the Interstellar Compact and have been on the forefront of intergalactic politics for the past few decades. However, their massive bureaucracy and rise in corruption has begun to weaken their presence on the galactic stage.


From the original nations, states were formed that were autonomous, but where no longer able wage war and manage diplomatic agreements. The new government was to manage these occurrences instead. All positions are elected and chosen based on their affiliated state and skill set.



  Before they launched into space, the planet was split into several divided states constantly bickering with one another. The nations would have stayed this way until the Horizon Event, a large EMP wiped out most systems and spun the planet into chaos. However, with the assistance of three leaders, President Anna Melton, President Zi Yijun, and Prime Minster Heine Bach, they were able to put aside differences to combat the threat. This built the ground work for the unifying the entire planet. When the time came to stand together when the first colony within the system was founded, the trust was built and allowed for the United Nations of Earth to form.  

United Nations of Earth:

  There were many hurdles to unify the world. Radical groups sought to destabilize everything the UNE attempted to accomplish. For awhile it work from the Terrorist Attack of Venice, the successful assassination of Heine Bach, and the Mars Rebellion. Within 20 years the UNE had lost members and was due to collapse. It was the election of the President Linda Daniels, whose platform was planet unification, forced the separatist states to unify. The Unification War began causing the Third World War. The war was viscous and deadly. The UNE was victorious due to the resources their remaining members held. The UNE reorganized into the UAE with a more centralized government and locked down the members into one governing body permanently.  

Age of Galactic Colonization:

  When The Turner Log was published a whole galaxy of possibles erupted from the UAE. They establish the United Colonization Effort to begin colonization outside the Sol system. Exploration of the Galaxy was a priority and to find intelligent life. Eventually they did with the Fexians and Tasinara. Colonies were formed on the planets of Palacios and Helion. They continue to initiative to strive to discover and explore what waits them in the galaxy.


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The military forced created was called the Interstellar Sol Navy. They are the driving force for military efforts for humanity within their systems. Constructed mostly as a defensive organization, they have been only tested a few times since their founding.

Foreign Relations

Among many of the galactic nations, the UAE is respected in some capacity. While many may be frustrated with their actions and arrogate nature, the UAE has help great stability between the nations and reduced the number of conflicts between the fledgling nations of today.   [Error: A-207] [Looks like your system needs an update.]
Founding Date
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Head of State
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Grand Parliament
Judicial Body
The Grand Jury
Neighboring Nations
Organization Vehicles

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... 1969

  • 1969

    16 /7

    24 /7

    Apollo 11
    Discovery, Exploration

    When humanity first landed on their local moon.

Age of Galactic Colonization

1970 2223

  • 2091

    27 /2

    United Colonization Effort
    Civil action

    An initiative to move humanity into the stars. It would change the priority of humanity for generations.

  • 2097

    Turner Expeditions

    The explorer Anthony Turner would explore deep space for humanity.

    More reading
    The Turner Log
  • 2128

    Colonization of Orianas
    Population Migration / Travel

    Humanity colonized the planet of Orianas.

  • 2129

    3 /6

    24 /12

    The Human Unification War
    Military action

    A war the composed the entire world. This is the third one in humanities history consisting of the United Nations and the Separatist States of Earth. It was an extremely deadly war.

  • 2135

    Foundation of the United Alliance of Earth
    Political event

    The UAE was founded after the 3rd world war ended with the unification of the world.

  • 2161

    Discovery of Dimensional Folding
    Technological achievement

    Dimensional Folding was discovered by humanity. It allows for faster jumps between two points, but shorter distances.

  • 2161


    Human-Tasinara First Contact
    Diplomatic action

    When the humans and tasinara made first contact.

  • 2179

    Foundation of the Interstellar Compact
    Political event

    The Interstellar Compact was created by the Kessnar Assembly and United Alliance of Earth as a defensive pact.

  • 2185

    Colonization of Palacios
    Population Migration / Travel

    Humanity colonized the golden world of Palacios.

  • 2185

    Birth of Kythina Manos
    Life, Birth

    This is the birth of Kythina Manos who would become the first Chancellor of the Assembly of Stars.

    More reading
    Chancellor Manos
  • 2195

    Human-Fexian First Contact
    Discovery, Exploration

    When the humans and fexains encountered one another.

    Additional timelines
  • 2199

    Invention of Neo-Constructs
    Technological achievement

    Natural Tec started the production of life-like robotics similar to The Constructs.

  • 2219

    4 /9

    Colonization of Azeban
    Population Migration / Travel

    The planet of Azeban was colonized by the fexians.

    Additional timelines
  • 2219

    24 /11

    10 /12

    The Azeban Conflict
    Military action

    The Azeban Conflict was a brief war that fought to expel the opposing sides from the system. It was a major loss on both sides, but the United Democratic States won the conflict.

    More reading
    The Azeban Conflict
    Additional timelines
  • 2221

    11 /4

    18 /4

    Conference of Galactic Powers
    Gathering / Conference

    The Conference of Galactic Powers was held on 2221 which had speeches and debates from the most prominent people in the nations discussing the implications of such an alliance. It would found the Assembly of Stars.

    Additional timelines

Age of Progress

2223 and beyond

  • 2225

    Colonization of Helion
    Population Migration / Travel

    Humanity colonized the planet of Helion.

  • 2236

    Rise of the Nationalists
    Civil action

    The foundation of the Assembly of Stars caused riots among many humans in the United Alliance of Earth is nearly destabilized the entire country. With the efforts of Chancellor Manos the disaster's damage was mitigated.

  • 2271

    27 /8

    Assembly-Empire War
    Military action

    A war between the Assembly of Stars and the Apex Empire. While battles have consisted of small skirmishes, each side is waiting to make a large scale invision.

    Additional timelines
  • 2283

    Olympian Cluster Colonization Project
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Olympian Cluster Colonization Project was began to settle this expanse of space.

    Olympian Cluster


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