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The Teeming Sea

The Teeming Sea is the area of the western ocean two days' journey from the Minotaur Protectorate's lands and up to four days north and one day south. The oceans in this area are absolutely teeming with fish, shellfish, seabirds, whales, and ocean-going mammals. No area in the Minotaur Protectorate is as rich in natural resources as the Teeming Sea.


The Teeming Sea is a name used to describe an area of the Western Ocean that extends two days west, up to four days north, and up to two days south of the Minotaur Protectorate's capital of Honourguard. This stretch of ocean contains a large, wide-spread archipelago of small islands that are the peaks of vast underwater mountains. The result of this is that most islands have very deep water until close to their shores, allowing large ships to easily dock and disembark.   Most of the islands are covered in dense temperate rainforest and not much else, but a few are large enough to contain small freshwater lakes and rivers. Small populations of land animals also exist on the larger islands, though no island is more than a day's travel across.

Fauna & Flora

The islands have a reduced version of the mainland's fauna. All the islands have mice, voles, squirrels, seagulls, murrelets, and other seabirds. Several of the largest islands have small populations of white-tailed deer.   Life on the islands is nothing compared to the amount of biodiversity found within the seas. A crossroads for several large currents, the Teeming Sea is home to huge populations of seals, seal lions, whales of all kinds, sharks, leatherback sea turtles, salmon, bottom fish, and all manner of aquatic creatures. The waters are so plentiful that fishermen can occasionally simply dip nets into the water and raise them, full of fish.

Natural Resources

The islands are mostly flat rounds of land poking from the ocean, and no significant deposits of metals have ever been found. The chief resource is lumber, though fish, whale oil, and seal pelts are more valuable.
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