Hegli River

Fertile & Idyllic

The river feeds us and gives us our rich soil. Without it, there would be no Ebersted.
— Helenea Aliswichen, Countess of Ebersted
  The Hegli is the main tributary of the Pallern. It flows from the Toldenian Mountains past the city of Ebersted, into the Pallern. The ground around it is renowned for its good soil and the river has an abundance of fish, both of which serve to feed the denizens of Ebersted and the villages around it. The River was named after the mythological protector of the region, Hegli the Great.  

Natural Resources

Due to the soil around the river, the harvest is usually excellent. Seldom do the peasants have to worry about starvation, and even if their fields were to fail them, they would have the fish as a backup. Fields of wheat, large vineyard, and cozy orchards cover the land and use the river. In harsher, more rockier areas the locals grow tough trees and let their herds roam and eat grass.   The northern lands near the source of the river are covered in idyllic hills that lie in the shadows of the Toldenian Mountains. There the locals hunt for goats, dig for iron, copper, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Since the hills are also close to the passages through transportation down the river to move goods is a common occurrence.
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