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Addua Continent

The continent of Addua on the planet Palatinus lies between the lower tropic and the limit of perennial ice. Its shape is vaguely pentagonal, with the tip facing south west and the area of ​​greatest amplitude slightly more south than the middle. With a total area of ​​approximately 16.32 million km^2 it is the third continent by size, after Athesis and Tànarus. The continent is divided into different climatic zones, with a huge jungle in the north, and several irrigated plains, while the southern part is mainly composed of rocky steppes, with a climate reminiscent of Siberia on planet Earth. The continent has a greater mountain range in the southern part, which runs from south-west to east, and which almost cuts the continent in half. From it there are some ramifications, which however end rather quickly. There is a second large mountain range in the northern part of the continent, shorter and lower, which runs from north-east to south, which has no branches but is surrounded by hilly terrain for several hundred kilometers, much more compared to the southern one. Other minor mountain ranges are scattered throughout the continent, although most are found in the central-southern part. From these mountain ranges, as well as from some large lakes on the continent, many rivers branch out, the largest of which, which crosses the continent from south to north, is called Flumen Immobilis (motionless river) since the current is apparently so calm that appears immobile. This, however, is a simple optical illusion, as just below the surface the current is so strong that the Romans don't know how to manage to build a bridge. Although not yet fully explored, Addua, along with Padus, is the most colonized continent, this is because according to the analysis it is the one with the highest concentration of fertile areas that do not require terraforming; this analysis seems to be supported by the fact that the communities that have so far settled are gaining most of their fortunes from agriculture and breeding, as well as from naturalist tourism. Most of the settlements created so far are on the coast, although some are more inland, following the course of the rivers. Many settlements are in the northern part of the continent, being the most fertile; this however does not mean that all the settlements are of an agricultural nature, in fact there are many mining settlements, and the first entirely industrial settlements, dedicated to the transformation of the obtained raw materials, are also starting to appear. This prosperity also has negative implications, however, since poaching is widespread, given the presence on this continent of the so-called forest cat, as well as several other animals and plants in great demand by wealthy collectors who want something "exotic" for the own homes.

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