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Palatinus Planet

The planet Palatinus is divided into 6 continents, whose names are Tiber, Padus, Athesis, Addua, Ollius and Tànarus. Of these the continent where the first colony was founded is Padus, which is now also the most densely populated; there are also scattered colonies on all the other continents except Tànarus, due to the fact that two thirds of the continent are buried under a perennial ice sheet. The capital of the planet is Augusta Paduensis, which faces Ambrosius' Ocean. All human settlements on the planet have been built near water, whether rivers or oceans to promote domestic trade, while trade with the rest of the Empire is managed by the huge spaceport near Augusta Paduensis, and from the station orbiting Luna Ferrea (Iron moon), blocked in geostationary orbit above the capital. The planet's climate is very similar to the Earth's, although slightly colder. In fact, the tropical belt has a Mediterranean climate, and the polar ice caps are much larger than the terrestrial ones. As for the fauna, however, for some aspects it is surreal; in fact most of the large terrestrial animals are warm-blooded reptiles and covered with feathers, not dissimilar to the dinosaurs of the planet Earth, which apparently here never died out, while the equivalent of the mammals are few and quite small, reaching at maximum the size of a big cat. The same applies to the aquatic fauna, both of salt water and of freshwater, which is composed exclusively of fish and reptiles, with the evolutionary niches of whales and dolphins occupied by their reptilians equivalents. A particularity of the planet is linked to the presence of the alga known under the scientific name of Silvana Alga, which immediately entered into a sort of symbiosis with the settlers, giving them a slightly green tint that became a sort of mark of the inhabitants of the planet.


Six continents and a lor of smaller islands.

Flora & Fauna

Great reptiles, with almost no mammalians. The flora is similar enough to the terrestrial one.

Natural Resources

The percentages are slightly different, but the same of planet Earth.
Alternative Name(s)
Silvanus (petitioned but not approved from Rome)
Included Locations
Augusta Paduensis

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