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Augusta Paduensis

The city develops along a main street, known as the maritime route, which runs approximately in the same direction as the coast, from north-west to south-east. While the eastern side of the city, where both the governmental and university districts are located, are organized according to a strict chessboard layout, the western part, having to partly follow the coast line, has a more irregular course, even if massive engineering works have meant that at least there were no differences in height between the different areas of the city. The city center contains the government building, from which the planetary government issues its directives and which also acts as the governor's residence. Other than this there are the various administrative buildings, and the museum of colonization, in continuous change which, together with the adjacent library, contains living specimens of plants and animals typical of the planet, as well as several virtual rooms in which it is possible to interact with the species not suitable for contact with the public. In addition to the docks and commercial buildings, the port area contains the headquarters of the planet's navy, although at the moment the fleet consists of a few ships abandoned by the Earth navy and reassembled on the planet, given that it was not considered a priority by the government From Rome. At a certain distance from the city center there is the university district, which contains what is currently the only university on the planet. The university is immense, since it was designed to not need extensions for several decades, and, taking advantage of the fact that it did not have to demolish pre-existing structures, has a huge campus, in which different types of environments on the planet have been artificially recreated. in order to show students how to adapt to different situations. Due to the relatively young age of most of the city population the city is full of nightclubs, ranging from the more alternative ones that suffer vigiles (police officers) raids at least once a week to the most respectable ones, where it is easy to find the children of the governor.


Most of the city population is middle-low class, with a few exceptions. There is a large percentage of slaves, since the city is still in expansion and there are a lot of structures that need them.


While there were discussions of giving the city special status, since it's a planetary capital, in the end the proposal was ignored, and it has the structures of a provincial capital, but bigger, since it has to manage the single continental capitals too.


At some distance from the city there are the main barracks of the Palatina legion, the one charged with protecting the planet and his hinabitants. There is also a small barrack of the pretorian guard near the governor's palace, whose official task is to keep the government of the planet safe.


Most of the trade of the city is based on the export of planetary resources from Palatinus, and the import of goods from the Earth. Thanks to this the city has a stranglehold on the planetary economics.


The principal infrastructures of the city are two, the port, built in a natural cove, and the highway that connect the city with the nearby settlements

Most of the population is under 40 years old, since the call to colonization is more appealing to younger people. There are some older people, usually civilian and military officers, or highly specialized technicians, but they are few in numbers.
Inhabitant Demonym
Augustians. Or unofficialy Snobs.
Location under
Palatinus Planet

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