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Mythic Woods

This deciduous forest is located on Hulpawa Island and covers a considerable part of the island's surface. The forest surrounds Hulpawa Island's largest lake, Myth Lake, as well as the city Mythmore. It is near impossible to go from north to south, or vice versa, across the island without having to go through Mythic Woods. Only a small part of coastal land to the west is not covered as the forest cuts through practically the middle of Hulpawa Island.


During the late spring and early summer, the Mythic Woods are like a sea of various shades of green from so dark it's almost black to very pale and almost white. Other spots of colour from flowers, fruits and berries are bright and beautiful against the foliage. Other points of contrast come from the various animals and other creatures that inhabit the forest, though many of them are experts at hiding or blending in.   With autumn comes a shock of colour when the leaves change to yellows, oranges and reds before falling on the ground to rest on the forest floor. The colours then become far more muted, a dull brown colour being the prevalent sight before winter arrives with white frost and snowfall. It is nonetheless a beautiful place regardless of the season.   Three big rivers flow through Mythic Woods to the large and beautiful crystal waters of Myth Lake; two flow from the mountains in the north and one from the mountain in the southeast. Next to the rivers and the lake, the vegetation is even denser and the soil often impossible to see due to the thick underbrush. Close to the mountains, smaller creeks and pools of water are common. Creatures often seek out these smaller bodies of water to drink and to make their homes nearby.   The terrain is more hilly and rocky near the mountains and even out around Myth Lake. It is like the flat edges of a bowl that then curve down to hold the liquid.   At the east edge of the forest it is important to tread lightly. Hulpawa Island floats in the air, 1500 feet above sea level. One misstep or failure to look at what is ahead will be the cause of a very long fall. Some of the trees have roots that stick through the edge of the ground, stretching out tendrils in the open sky. Almost like fingers still held out in the futile hope of catching those already fallen.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)


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