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Location on Opa

We are staying on a farm located in an area of Opa called Otapanu. The beaches are nice, and we went reefing with a group of 10 other tourists, most of whom are staying with local farmers, with the exception of Barieya, who is staying on a refurbished ship which historically crashed during one of Otakanu's eruptions.
  Otapanu is a location on Opa, where Oscetu Heschi is from. The location has a population of 34, and is near to the city of Panule and the coast. Off the coast there are huge reefs, and several crashed ships, making the area a popular tourist destination not only with the native Tregule and other terrstrial species, but also with aquatic species such as the Bierrbereies.


Otapanu is near to both the city of Panule and the coast. Due to it's location on a destructive tectonic plate margin, there are some mountains, however the area is mainly hills. The high soil fertility due to the volcano Otakanu means that a lot of the area is used for farming.

Fauna & Flora

There are many wildflowers and grasses growing naturally in the area. Most of the houses here are farms, and as such many farmyard animals such as Cubos, Clorilus, Orni and Ogotans are found.   However, many predatory species such as Arcanids and Hirocks are also found in the area.

Natural Resources

Wood can be found in small quantities on the trees. Some stones can be found in the cave systems, although these are often infested by Arcanids and Hirocks.

Coast / Shore
Location under
Ostus system

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