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Orin Basin

Isolated on Karneharte's east coast lies a large expanse of greenery. The Telkun mountain range separates this luscious rainforest from the rest of Karnehart's otherwise dry environment.   Although the basin contains many strange and fascinating things, it is left mostly untouched by man. To the people of Karneharte, it is thought to be a holy site, the home of the gods. To those who take the risk of offending the gods in greed, they will find an arduous journey ahead of them.


The Orin Basin is a drainage basin that funnels water created by the Telkun mountain range's rain shadow and releases it into the Entin Ocean. The basin is almost always covered in mist and clouds, with heavy rains almost all year. This area receives the largest amount of rainfall in all of Karneharte. Due to this, it is mostly untraversable except by mountainside or the clay and mudrock dispersed through the otherwise boggy ground level.   Plants grow and decay quickly in the basin, and the soil is a mixture of volcanic ash and clay. In some areas, decaying sedimentation builds up, creating large expanses of peat.

Flora & Fauna

The ecology of Karneharte is vastly different than the rest of the world. This is perhaps most apparent within the Orin Basin. Large ferns and palms tower above the forest floor, small reptiles hidden amongst their foliage. Large, amphibious creatures lurk beneath the dark, muddy waters. Mammals are rare here and even birds are outcompeted by the reptiles that evolved to fill their niche.   The Periken, for instance, glides through the trees catching insects with its long beak. Its wings, however, are not covered in feathers but are simply thick flaps of skin.   Those traveling through the basin might try to use a tree to support them over the muddy ground, or to help pull themselves out of the thick waters. But they will find that the plants bend and break with their weight, without the hardy bark of most other plants to support them.

by MagpieShrike

Natural Resources

The basin contains many plants found nowhere else in the world. Many of these serve as medicine for the people of Karneharte while the fruits found here are considered rare delicacies by the rest of the world.   The Inicca fruit, for example, is believed by the people of Karneharte to be a panacea. It is found in small amounts for only a short period of time in Orin Basin and nowhere else in the world. Many people, both native and foreign, are willing to spend a fortune to get their hands on the fruit though it rarely appears on the market.   The basin is also the largest source of peat on the island. It is most commonly used as fuel and as a peloid in balneotherapy by Karnehartians.
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)

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