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Medura River

If you ask me, the Empress should never have settled for only the land south of the Medura. All that good soil north of it, lost to those Telziado bastards. What a fucking joke of a treaty that was.
— Local farmer, 338 AC
The Medura River is a large river in central Abravost, winding from its origin high in the Krenar Mountains to feed into Fovenis Lake. It is the southernmost tributary of said lake.


The Medura River has run through central Abravost for millenia, and was the primary river which fed the whole region. It was fed by both the Heril River and the River Glan to its north, as well as the River Lahda in the far west. During seasons where waterflow was strong, it was entirely possible to sail across the desert which formed large parts of central Abravost, and from which the river was a lush and fertile reprieve. In the space between the Medura River and River Glan grew the city of Fovenis, which was the capital of The Vosti Empire for hundreds of years.
When The Collision occurred, it caused many changes to the river. Its western half was entirely severed and later dried completely, leaving the River Lahda as the sole source of water on the new island of Skarhu. Furthermore, the great city of Fovenis was destroyed entirely, leaving a large hole in its wake. The Medura River found itself the largest source of water for the new Fovenis Lake, though it was no longer fed by the Heril River.
The Medura River is the source of an ongoing territorial dispute between The Vosti Empire and the Kingdom of Telziad, due to ambiguities in the wording of a peace treaty following the Vosti Civil War. The Empire claims it has ownership of the land between Medura and Heril, while the Kingdom says it possesses 'all land north of the Medura River'. Telziad is currently in full control of the disputed territory, and little has been done on the Empire's part to actually take control in the region.

Natural Resources

The Medura River is renowned across Abravost for its fertile soils, fuelled by long-extinct volcanoes that once raged in the area. The region south of it is often called "Vost's breadbasket" for this reason, and similar praise is heaped upon its northern shores in regards to Telziad. Farms and irrigation ditches stretch for miles around, largely growing wheat and feeding livestock.
Further east into the Krenar Mountains is less hospitable, owing to the steep hills and harsh cliffs present around it, but many shepherds are known to graze their goats and cattle in the foothills. It is also the only place in Abravost which can support Liadom Berries, which grow predominantly in these higher altitude regions, and which attract people from miles around to gather them to sell or use in various famous recipes.
Owning Organization
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Rivers of East Abravost
The Rivers of Eastern Abravost by Isaac Thompson

Independent Ambition

Despite its importance to the Empire as the source of large quantities of food, many south of the Medura River feel they have been ignored by those in charge. An event often brought up as proof of this is the plague in the late 360s AC, which decimated many families, who received only minimal help from Emperor Treveon II. Meanwhile their neighbours north of the river were well cared for by King Dravulean I of Telziad.
Some have suggested that the Medura region demand better treatment from the Empire, and failing that secede altogether, either to become their own independent country or become part of Telziad. The Empire has been quick to stamp out such treason.
Sword Chainmail War
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