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We know there must be land across these oceans. And yet, for all intents and purposes, we are alone.
— Lani Koshidan, Telziado Royal Historian

The continent of Abravost, sometimes known as Greater Abravost or Skarhu-Abravost, consists of two larger islands and innumerable outlying ones. The largest islands are the western island of Skarhu, and the eastern island of Abravost.

For much of recorded history, the two islands were a single landmass, named Abravost. They were separated during The Collision, which also sank and raised many outlying islands.



Recorded history of Abravost begins approximately 3000 years ago, based on scattered tablets in a proto-Vostan script. At this time Abravost was divided between an estimated 500 diverse clan groups, many of whom were highly nomadic. A boom in so called 'settled culture' occurred 2800 years ago, with the foundation of numerous permanent villages along the coastlines and rivers.

Of high significance to the future development of Abravost was the Vosti Conquest 1000 years ago, when the Vosti tribe of southern Abravost conquered the continent over the course of a century. It is from this tribe that the continent gains its name, meaning 'all Vost', or 'all under Vost'.

The great city of Fovenis, then capital of The Vosti Empire, began construction 700 years ago.


Post Collision

The Collision 400 years ago brought many changes to Abravost, by forcing the human and elven planes to collide. Beyond merely splitting the continent in half, it brought many elven landmarks into the human plane. The "Elven Spire" of Chalsei Kóshoil is one such example, as a volcano was not part of the eastern ranges prior to it. There is also the City Islands, the remnants of an elven city which was scattered off the east coast. It also destroyed many places in Abravost. Most notable is Fovenis, which was apparently scattered across both human and elven planes, replaced with a great hole which became Fovenis Lake.

By splitting the continent, so too was the Vosti Empire split. The western island, too far away to see and too dangerous to reach by sea for many decades, became the Republic of Skarhu, lending its name to the island.

The Vosti monarchs later gave portions of land in the east of the Elves, due to its higher concentration of elven landmarks and infrastructure, though this territory remained under Vosti control. The arrangement did not last long, as in 107 AC the elven territory declared itself to be the independent country of Waal Zaimyatl. Due to the large mountain range which separated them from the Vosti Empire, this happened with little direct conflict, but much aggression from both sides.

The island and republic of Skarhu were able to reconnect with the former Empire in 142 AC, briefly sparking a conflict over whether they should be considered independent. By establishing trade routes, Skarhu's independence was secured.

So-called 'portal technology' was developed through the latter half of the 3rd century AC, allowing for travel between the human and elven planes. This allowed for travel between Abravost and Skarhu without the use of boats, and for easier access to hard to reach locations, such as villages in the eastern mountains.

Post Separation

During The Separation in 326 AC, the human plane and elven plane were separated. This caused all portals to close, causing immense distress to many people. Of highest importance was the disappearance of the Vosti royal family, who had been attending a function on the elven plane at the time. Without them, the Vosti Empire experience great strife. The army took control, with its highest commander marrying a member of the high nobility in an effort to bring peace.

During this time, the north of the Empire rebelled against their reign, sparking the short but devastating Vosti Civil War. Through alliances with Waal Zaimyatl, as well as interventions from Skarhu in the southern oceans, the north became independent as the Kingdom of Telziad.

Alternative Name(s)
Greater Abravost, Abravost-Skarhu
Related Tradition (Primary)
The Collision
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The destructive collision of the human and elven worlds

Map of Abravost

Countries of Abravost
Name Year Founded Description Territory Flag
Medura, The 425 AC The Federal Republic of The Medura is a partially-recognised country on the southern shores of the Medura River, seeking independence from the Vosti Empire
Skarhu 2 AC The Republic of Skarhu is the largest country in Abravost, controlling the entirety of its western half as well as many of its archipelagos and islands
Flag of Skarhu by Isaac Thompson
Telziad 336 AC The Kingdom of Telziad is a young country, formed as a result of the Vosti Civil War. It is beginning the transition to a constitutional monarchy
Vosti Empire 602 BC The Vosti Empire is the oldest country in Abravost, with a long legacy of conquest. It is currently in the throes of a second civil war
Waal Zaimyatl 107 AC The Republic of Waal Zaimyatl is the only Elf-majority country in Abravost, and is the center of magical advancement on the continent

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