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Fovenis Lake

There once was a city called Fovenis
Where nothing at all seemed amiss
But when the sky broke
It turned the city to smoke
Now all that's left is abyss
— Kurilion Araya, 1 AC
Fovenis Lake is the largest lake in Abravost, and well known for its steep cliffs and flat lakebed. It is most famous, however, as the former location of the grand city of Fovenis, which was the capital of The Vosti Empire.


The city of Fovenis began construction approximately 700 years ago, in 300 BC. Its construction was at the behest of the Empress at the time, who wanted a centrally located capital for her empire. By travelling down the river she could easily access the oceans, and it would make travel to the cities of Sinofis and Shonyul far easier as well. For decades, the city was considered an architectural and planning marvel, with many towns and cities built afterwards taking inspiration from it.
The Collision put an end to that. As the human and elven planes collided, many things swapped places or were outright destroyed. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Fovenis underwent both. Witnesses from the time report that the quaking caused many of its buildings to collapse, before the entire city disappeared. In its place was a large hole, with no people.
The 'Fovenis Crater', as it was then called, is not considered a lake by historians until it filled up enough to begin feeding back into the dried river beds on its western side, which took approximately 50 years. With its water level now stable, sailing became common, as well as tourists coming to visit its waterfalls. As the lake became more of a tourist destination, the town of New Fovenis sprung up on its north-western banks.
The region is highly contested by the Kingdom of Telziad and the Vosti Empire, after the Vosti Civil War ended in 326 AC. Telziad gained almost total control of the lake and of its northern inflow, while Vost has partial control of its southern inflow and the lake's southern banks. The Emperor of Vost still holds the title 'Prince of Fovenis' in spite of not controlling much of the region.


Fovenis Lake is best described as 'a city sized puddle' by many. It's shape is highly unusual, conforming approximately the most heavily populated regions of the former city. The lakeside is predominantly cliff-like and steep, causing the two rivers which feed into the lake to become waterfalls. The western side of the lake is a lot more level with the land around it, which allows it to feed out via the end of the same rivers which feed it.
When the city of Fovenis was "removed" from the human plane, it did not come cleanly. Many of the cliffsides are jagged and contain soggy caves, some stretching miles away from the lake itself. Numerous islands dot the middle of the lake, many of which contain fragments of buildings from the city.
The river/s that the lake flows out of are not always active, but particularly in wetter weather can form quite large waterfalls off the western side of Abravost, into the Shattered Strait.

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