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I'll always miss Plumtris. Sure, there was nothing left for me there. Nothing there for most people, I think. But it was home.
Plumtris is the capital city of the Republic of Skarhu. It is the largest city in the country, and a trading hub with The Vosti Empire.


The majority of Plumtrans are Skarhan, with a sizeable minority who are Telziado. The Vosti population is rather low, despite the geographical closeness. There are very few Zaimyalkee, but this is because the majority of elves in Plumtris are Skarhan or of an alternate elven identity.
The elf population of Plumtris comprises a large portion of the overall Skarhan elf population, but they are a minority within the city regardless.


Plumtris is the centre of one of the twelve 'counties' of Skarhu, and as such provides five elected officials to sit on the Skarhan Council. The county is then divided into 30 seats, which each elect a single official to run county-level affairs, with one of these officials selected to act as Mayor of Plumtris. In highly urban areas, there exist local councils who operate under their county official with anywhere from five to ten councillors, who can focus more intensely on the needs of the local population.

Guilds and Factions

Each level of government - from the Skarhan council all the way to the local council - experience conflicts between political parties vying for leadership. The most common divide is between those who want Skarhu to be more isolated from the rest of Abravost, and those who encourage trade with other nations. In Plumtris specifically, they have a heavy lean towards the latter, due to the money the trade and tourism bring to the city.
Many criminal factions operate in Plumtris. One of the most famous of these, at least to outsiders, is the Skarhan Scavengers, who were forced out of the city between 412 AC and 414 and emigrated en masse to cities such as Sinofis and Shonyul.


Plumtris has existed in some form since the Vosti Conquest, which began in 600 BC. It was developed during the Vosti occupation of the region into a large port city, which the Vosti used to help supply their western holdings.
Following The Collision and the necessity for Skarhan self reliance, due to their physical severance from the rest of the Empire, Plumtris emerged as the capital of the new Skarhan state, alongside three other major towns across the island. It has retained its high level of prominence in Skarhu, even as more counties are formed around shifting population centres.
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