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Skarhan Scavengers

Beware those Skarhans in Sinofis. They're as likely to take ya to the market as to take ya money.
The Scavengers, most commonly known as the Skarhan Scavengers, are a criminal gang which originated in Plumtris. After being forced out due to an increased police crackdown, they are now more prominent in Shonyul and Sinofis.

Common Crimes

The Scavengers are well known for highway robbery, with most such crimes in Sinofis being attributed to members of the gang. Hand in hand goes horse robbery, as they appear to change which horses they use to avoid identification. House robbery, on the other hand, is less common, as the Scavengers prefer to stay on the street or outdoors. Market thefts are frequent in their ranks. As far as the authorities know, few premeditated murders can be attributed to the gang, with what murders do occur often being associated with robberies gone wrong. They have also been known to smuggle goods across the Telziado-Vost border between the Sinofis and Shonyul branches.


It is unknown if the Scavengers possess a singular leader who runs the entire thing. What they reliably have is a group of experienced thieves, robbers, and other like criminals, who each lead small portions of the gang. Each leader might delegate certain roles to their subordinates, though this varies between leaders and jobs.


At the most generous estimates, the Scavengers across Abravost number in the tens of thousands. However, such estimates often include those in jail, on death row, or who are otherwise unable to further contribute to the cause, as well as non-criminal civilians who have had extended contact with known members. More realistic estimates say that, spread primarily between Shonyul and Sinofis, the Scavengers number around five thousand. The Sinofis branch is the larger between the two, with around three thousand members spread across the Kingdom of Telziad.
A small portion of Scavenger assets are believed to still be in Plumtris and throughout the Republic of Skarhu. Many of these scavengers are considered 'traitors' by the Sinofis and Shonyul branches, due to their refusal to leave the country with the rest of the gang, and are rarely included in the estimates.


The Scavengers first became prominent in Skarhu in the aftermath of The Collision, as a lot of chaos raged across the continent. At this time they were literal scavengers, scrounging through broken regions across the country in search for goods and vulnerable people who could be persuaded to part with said goods.
Organisation of the disparate members came along with the increasing peace throughout Skarhu, particularly after it formally became a republic. A group which self-identified as 'Scavengers' became big for a short while in the first century AC, before seemingly fading away.
The group re-emerged in the fourth century AC, with a stronger focus on the city of Plumtris and its associated county. Their influence was felt very strongly, with a number of county and federal politicians being arrested in its latter half for corruption related directly to the group. Despite the arrests, corruption continued.
At the start of the fifth century AC, the Skarhan Council passed laws specifically intended to remove the Scavengers from Plumtris, which county and local officials slowly began to match. In 410 AC, the Mayor of Plumtris announced further rules and increased police presence, particularly in less urbanised areas of Plumtris, in order to crack down on the uptick in highway bandits. These efforts were quite effective, resulting in the arrests of a great many scavengers.
Exactly who made the choice to relocate the gang to Sinofis and Shonyul, and when, isn't known, but branches of the Scavengers began to appear there from 412 AC onwards, matching a decrease in Scavengers-associated crime in Plumtris and its surrounds, as well as an uptick in emigration from Skarhu.
The moniker "Skarhan Scavengers" only became common after they moved across the strait, where their prominent Skarhan accents made them quite identifiable, especially in Sinofis.
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