The Skarhans are the native people of the Republic of Skarhu, especially along the southern and western coasts. Historically, they were a major force in the western regions, and had a number of conflicts with the Vosti during the Vosti Conquest. Their languages, which have since been overtaken by the language spoken by the Vosti, are a major influence on the unique 'Skarhan dialect' of Vostan.
Skarhans are not t be confused exclusively with citizens of the republic, who are also called Skarhans, or with the general demonym of someone from the island of Skarhu. Admittedly in most cases, someone who is one of these will be all three, or will understand the confusion. They are also not be confused for 'Skarhan Elves', a colloquialism for the Lialpumpámtii, due to their prevalence in the north of Skarhu and in very few other places.
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