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The Lialpumpámtii, also known as Lial Elves or Skarhan Elves, are a group of elves who are almost exclusively found in the Republic of Skarhu. They hail from the Lial marshes in its north, placed there during The Collision. They are quite friendly with Skarhans and have a somewhat awkward relationship with other elves due to the language gap that has developed over time.
Their common name of 'Skarhan Elves' comes as a result of a translation error - in the Skarhan dialect of Vostan, elves are known as 'Lialtii'. As this is a short form of their own name, the Lialpumpámtii simply added 'Skarhan' to differentiate themselves from those of their ethnicity not from the country. When Skarhu reunited with the rest of Abravost in 142 AC, 'Lialtii' was translated as 'elves'. The Lialpumpámtii think the whole thing is pretty funny.
Due to their close relationships to the Skarhans, most of the Lial elves speak Vostan as a first language, or a creole language. There are not many Lial who speak Elven as a first language, though it is still taught and preserved.
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