Rien Ayulidan

"I'm good at two things - gambling, stealing from horse-drawn carts, and lying."

Rien Ayulidan is a Skarhan thief, who relocated from Plumtris to Sinofis in the late summer of 414 AC. They are currently in prison on multiple counts of banditry and theft.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rien was born in the outskirts of the Skarhan capital of Plumtris in 392, to a cleaner and her husband. Rien was their first and only child, as their father was very unwell for many years. His illness and inability to work pushed Rien into a life of crime, becoming a member of the Skarhan Scavengers when they were 8 years old.
After multiple years of committing crimes around Plumtris and its nearby towns, many members of the Scavengers were arrested in a sweeping purge. The bulk of the gang fled, with Rien and a few others remaining in the city for a few months to tie up loose ends. For Rien, those few months became over a year, before legally leaving Plumtris at the start of 414 AC.
They have been in the city of Sinofis since the end of summer, taking employment as a for-hire farmhand during the busy harvest period. Much of this employment came from Amali Tuana at her farm on the southern highway, though it is unclear whether she was connected to the Scavengers.
According to Rien, they were 'clean' for 4 months, before a round of arrests forced them to step back into the Scavengers. They were predominantly involved in highway robbery, but also smuggled goods across the Telziad-Vost border.

In late 414, Rien turned themself in for their various crimes, despite having not having had a warrant out for their arrest.


Rien's main form of employment has been as a highway bandit, as well as a smuggler and a burglar. Their legitimate employment has been inconsistent, starting with employ as a farmhand outside of Plumtris, and continuing with for-hire farmhand duties around Sinofis. They were frequently employed by Amali Tuana, and prior to their arrest was commonly considered to be the co-manager of her farm, rather than her husband.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of Rien's proudest achievements is that they were able to leave Plumtris, as neither of their parents had ever wandered far from it. To travel outside the city, let alone to another continent and country, is one of the things Rien is most grateful for.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Rien is rather charming, and can be quite witty. They have a lot of empathy for others, despite the harm they themself have caused. They have an excellent poker face, but only in low-risk environments.

Vices & Personality flaws

Rien cannot let go of a grudge, and can be easily provoked into physical violence against those who have 'wronged' them. They have difficulty being emotional honest, cloaking their feelings in jokes and lies.


Family Ties

Rien's parents were both cleaners. Both are now deceased, with their father Laken having passed around 400, and their mother Ayuli having passed in 409 AC. Through their mother's employers, Rien has some connection to members of the Plumtran elite.


Date of Birth
392 AC
Gender Identity
Agender (They/Them)
Aligned Organization
Skarhan Scavengers
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Vostan (Skarhan dialect, native)

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Author's Notes

  This was mostly written before World Ember :( But I want to publish it now due to Rien's status as main protagonist :P

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