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Crown Larusion

Crown Larusion Lani Shalion of Telziad

Larusion? What a darling. The care they show us common folk, living rough in this city, you'd hardly believe they were that awful king's child!
— Sinofisian Commoner
Crown Larusion is the only child of King Dravulean II of Telziad and his late wife, Shalion. They are the current ruler of Telziad, having ascended in 414 AC after Dravulean's assassination.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Larusion was born prematurely in late 390 AC, after some concerns were shown for Queen Shalion's health. Her health briefly improved, before rapidly declining, passing away in early 391. This left Larusion as an only child, as King Dravulean II refused to remarry out of respect to his wife.

Larusion grew up well tutored, and attended a prestigious academy in Waal Zaimyatl, before returning to take a prominent place in the royal court in 408. They were a part of many royal visits, sometimes in place of their father.

In 410 AC, Larusion fell deathly ill from an attempted poisoning. While efforts were made to suppress this information while they recovered, it was became very obvious to many after a spate of appearances were abruptly cancelled due to 'personal issues'. For their part, Larusion refused to appear in public until they were well enough to handle a proper appearance, as they worried looking physically unwell and having to call an appearance short would make them look weak. When they finally did appear in public again, for a small meeting with the Sinofis City Guard, the people rejoiced.

Their father remarried in 411 to Countess Priani of Yulaston, in large part due to concerns that Larusion might be assassinated and leave him without an heir. Larusion personally helped to 'introduce' Priani to the Telziado populace, and brought her along to many royal engagements to assist.

In late 414 AC, the royal palace was infiltrated and the royal family held hostage by members of the Hounds of Fovenis. Owing to the intervention of █████, Larusion and Priani were rescued mostly unharmed, but Dravulean was killed. Larusion's first act as monarch was to pledge to avenge their father's murder, working tirelessly with the Sinofis City Guard to hunt down and weed out all members of the Hounds within the Kingdom.
Aside from justice, Larusion's reign has also brought many changes to the kingdom. Most notably was the 417 decision to form a council who they would work with to create a new Telziad constitution. This constitution, brought into effect in 418, created a directly elected parliament to advise the Crown on various matters, effectively making the kingdom a constitutional monarchy.

Gender Identity

Non-binary (They/Them)


Family Ties

Larusion is the only child of King Dravulean II and Queen Shalion. By their father, they are descended from Dravulean I, first king of Telziad, as well as distantly related to the monarchy of the Vosti Empire. By their mother, they are the grandchild of Lani Koshidan, the first royal historian, who was granted the County of Robardon in gratitude for her work.

They have two cousins, both on their father's side - Lord Erameon, Count Blonmosh, and Lady Riana. They also have a step mother, in Queen Priani, the Countess of Yulaston.

Public Perception

Larusion is far more well liked than their father, largely due to their calm nature and easy smile. Many, privately or otherwise, wish to have their father removed to allow them to ascend to the throne. Especially as there is the risk that if Priani has a child, Dravulean II may select them over Larusion.

There are others still who support their cousin, Lord Erameon, due to his confidence. And there are some who support him for more nefarious reasons, such as his ignorance. Larusion finds little support amongst the latter, due to their intelligence and proven problem-solving ability, in line with their mother's.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Crown of Telziad, Duchess of Sinofis, Duchess of Hiwanlis, Countess of Robardon
Year of Birth
390 AC 35 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Parents (Adopting)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Vostan (native), Elven (proficient)

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