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King Dravulean II

King Dravulean Branteon Daleon II of Telziad

He is half the man his father was, and he shall never stand alongside him in the annals of history.
— Lani Koshidan, before her disappearance in exile
King Dravulean II was the King of Telziad, having inherited the throne from his father King Dravulean I in 387 AC. A controversial ruler, his reign was cut short when he was assassinated by a Vosti gang in 414 AC.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dravulean was born in 362 AC, 26 years after the end of the Vosti Civil War. Said War was ultimately won by his father, who was a mere 18 years old at its end, and was officially crowned as King of Telziad after its conclusion. His younger siblings were born 3 and 5 years later, respectively.

As the first child of the new King, he was pampered and spoiled by all. He received the best education his family could provide, including tutoring from leading elf scholars, in order to help maintain the good relationship between Telziad and Waal Zaimyatl. It was briefly floated that he should marry a member of Zaimyalkee high society, but this idea was dropped after he fell in love with Shalion, the daughter of royal historian Lani Koshidan.

The two were married in 385 AC, shortly after his 23rd birthday, and was celebrated all across the country. This joy lasted for quite a while, until the passing of Dravulean I in 387. After weeks of mourning, Dravulean was crowned Dravulean II, second king of Telziad.

His early years were politically peaceful, marred by personal tragedies. Shalion suffered two miscarriages while Queen, before finally giving birth prematurely to a healthy child in 390. The joy of the young couple was short lived, as Shalion became very ill and passed away in early 391, likely from pregnancy complications. Her funeral was almost more lavish than that of his father, as the king and his mother-in-law praised her kind heart and clever mind.

From the people's perspective, Shalion's death marked the start of a dark period for the young king. His judgements became rasher and less thought out, resulting in many poor decisions which affected Telziad negatively. The death of the Queen Mother not many years later made things much worse. Soon, even his mother-in-law was criticising his decisions, which he never responded favourably to.

Numerous attempts have been made on his life in the past two decades, including a firey explosion during a carriage ride in 396, a narrow miss with a bow and arrow in 399, and a severe wound from a sword in 403. He has withdrawn further and further into his royal palace as the years go by, with only a handful of public appearances in the last 5 years.

His child, Crown Larusion, has also been subjected to death threats, most notably their poisoning in 410 which plunged the country into anxious worry. It was this incident, which thankfully Larusion survived, which is credited with convinced Dravulean II to remarry. His marriage to Countess Priani of Yulaston occurred in 411, with far less fanfare and public delight than his marriage to Queen Shalion.


Family Ties

His father was King Dravulean I, the first king of Telziad after it claimed its independence from Vost in 336. He is the eldest of his siblings, the younger ones being the Duke of Fovenis and the Duchess of Furial respectively.

By his late wife, Queen Shalion, he has one child - the Crown Larusion. Sadly Shalion died from pregnancy complications, leaving Larusion as his sole heir. He has been repeatedly pressured by his family and royal court to remarry and sire another heir, but has adamantly refused. His stance only changed after Larusion was poisoned in 410 AC. While they survived, the scare convinced him to marry again. His current wife is Queen Priani, the Countess of Yulaston. They do not yet have any children.

Via his brother, the Duke of Fovenis, he has two niblings - Lord Erameon, Count Blonmosh, and Lady Riana.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Telziad, Duke of Sinofis
362 AC 414 AC 52 years old
Circumstances of Death
Aligned Organization

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