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Erameon Fovenis

Lord Erameon Robard, Count Blonmosh

Some say Erameon will be king.
Erameon is the eldest child of the Duke of Fovenis, and the only nephew of the current king of Telziad, King Dravulean II.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erameon was born in 389 AC, and was the first grandchild of Dravulean I. Due to this, his birth was celebrated widely throughout the land, and many remarks were made about his physical similarities to his late grandfather. This spotlight was moved away from him after the premature birth of Larusion, his cousin and heir to the throne, in 390. His younger sister, Riana, was born in 392.
Due to concerns that Larusion may have inherited their mother's poor health, Erameon was raised far more like a prince than the son of a duke, being privately tutored and attending a prestigious academy in Waal Zaimyatl. In 408 AC while Larusion was themself in Waal Zaimyatl, Erameon took their place in royal visits and meetings. These were almost always attended with the King, though he did handle a few smaller events on his own or with his father instead.
This situation repeated in 410 when Larusion fell deathly ill in an attempted assassination. While their poor health had sucessfully been kept a secret for a few weeks, Erameon's appearance at an event in their place was a big red flag to many that something had befallen their heir. Even after Larusion recovered, Erameon insisted on attending many events with them, in case they needed to leave early.
After King Dravulean remarried in 411 to Countess Priani of Yulaston, Erameon announced his own engagement. He and his long-term partner, Lady Mirian of Kamyin, were married in late 412 AC to fare bigger fanfare and public adoration than his uncle's wedding.

Gender Identity



Family Ties

His father is the Duke of Fovenis, the younger brother of the current king, Dravulean II. He has one younger sibling, Lady Riana. He has only one cousin - Crown Larusion, heir to the throne of Telziad.
Erameon has been married since 412 AC to Lady Mirian, Marchioness Kamyin. Through her he has a very clear connection to Vost, as her uncle is married to a Vosti noblewoman.

Public Perception

Erameon's outgoing and confident personality has won him many hearts across Telziad, with many believing he would be a far more charismatic leader than either Dravulean II or Larusion. He has a lot of support in Vosti-aligned circles, as they believe he would be more open to favourable deals. Erameon has never publicly associated with these groups, but many loyal to Larusion or their father believe he is fully invested in them.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Count Blonmosh (by courtesy)
Year of Birth
389 AC 36 Years old
Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Telziad
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The kingdom in northern Abravost

Crown Larusion
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The current monarch of the Kingdom of Telziad

King Dravulean II
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