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Hounds of Fovenis

The Hounds of Fovenis are a mysterious gang believed to have originated in the semi-titular city during the early 4th century AC. Their reach extends far beyond their home, with many thefts and murders being associated with the Hounds throughout Abravost.

Common Crimes

While the authorities believe that the Hounds primarily engage in robbery, the public perception of them is that of murderers and assassins in the night. Many an unnatural death is attributed to their unfeeling hands. They are certainly far more aggressive and prone to injuring witnesses than other similar gangs, such as the Skarhan Scavengers. Whether all of these crimes have a purpose beyond accruing wealth or resources is unknown.


The origin of the Hounds as an organised gang is unclear, but the most common stories say it was formed in New Fovenis is the early-mid 4th century AC, during and after the Vosti Civil War. Whatever the case, they have certainly been active since the mid century, spreading their influence through the Kingdom of Telziad and The Vosti Empire. These are their main stomping grounds, with Telziad seeing an increase in Hound activity after the ascension of King Dravulean II in 387. Their strength has ebbed and flowed through the decades, sometimes due to government intervention and sometimes due to changes in their ranks.   Despite the high presence of Hounds in Telziad, very few criminals are arrested from the gang, which is either due to their immense talent or the fact that no captured Hound admits to being from the gang. A few confirmed members have been killed in attempts to capture them, some at their own hands.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Emperor's Dogs
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Imperial Ties

While there is little hard evidence about the Hounds or their goals, many Telziado strongly believe that they are under the direct control of the Emperor of Vost himself, Brimeon IV. The many attempted assassinations of Dravulean II and his heir, Crown Larusion, are thought to be Hounds handiwork and intended to weaken the Kingdom so that Brimeon can take advantage of them. Brimeon strenuously denies such notions.


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