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Emperor Brimeon IV

Emperor Brimeon IV Rumen of Vost

So Emperor Treveon II just adopts this kid. And you feel for his kids, you think. You get born into royalty and then have the throne yanked from under ya by ya aunt's son's second wife's second kid with her first husband. Come on!
— Crude commoner
Emperor Brimeon IV is the current ruler of The Vosti Empire, ascending to the throne in 402 AC. He is the 5th ruler of the Empire since The Separation caused the royal line to be changed.
Prior to his adoption into the royal family by his predecessor, Emperor Treveon II, he was a Marquis and Colonel in the Vost Military.


Brimeon was born Rumen of Powiton, the second child of the Countess of Powiton with her first husband, the Baron of Guarasi. When his father died only two years after his birth, the Countess remarried, this time to the Marquis of Linaster. Linaster formally adopted Rumen, his older sister, and his younger brother, who was barely a year old at the time.   When Rumen turned 18, he joined the Vosti military, quickly rising through its ranks. He took a brief break in 386 AC, just before his 25th birthday, after his sister and mother were in a horrible carriage accident in the countryside. He returned to the military as the Count of Powiton, and his rise continued.   After becoming a Major in the army, his step-father held a large celebration for him, secretly inviting his uncle, Emperor Treveon II. Treveon was very impressed with Rumen's manner and his military prowess, and began regular correspondence with him. The two met regularly when Rumen was home from service.   As Treveon's health began to fail, and Rumen was made a Colonel, plans were made. In order to keep the Vosti throne militarily secure, it was decided that Rumen should be adopted into the royal family. This was formally announced in 397 AC, though not without controversy. In particular, his step-grandson Duke Hintero of Shonyul objected, leading some to fear civil war. Luckily for Rumen and the Empire, Hintero would later support Rumen's claim to the throne. After Treveon II died in 402 AC, Rumen ascended under the regnal name of Brimeon IV.   As Emperor, Brimeon has done little of note, aside from quarrel with the new monarch of the empire's northern neighbour, Crown Larusion. That is, until 425 AC, when he announced his decision to adopt Lord Grelan Tellis and designate him as his official heir. While similar decisions had been made by every Vosti Emperor since the Vosti Civil War, Brimeon's choice proved especially controversial. Many nobles who descend for previously emperors have rejected his decision, in particular Duchess Larion of Ishir and Duke Rumen of Kerinston, whose supporters have seized towns in the Empire's south west. With his recent mobilisation of the Imperial Army, many believe Brimeon IV has begun the Second Vosti Civil War.

Mental characteristics

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Family Ties

Via his mother, he is Count of Powiton, a title which brings very few connections. Via his step-father, he is Marquis of Linaster, a title previously shrouded in some scrutiny due to a previous Marquis of Linaster having defected to the side of the Telziado during the Vosti Civil War.   Through his adoption by the former Emperor, Treveon II, he has two step-siblings - Princess Idena and Princess Kiani. The eldest son of Princess Idena is Duke Hintero of Shonyul.   He is married to Duchess Riala of Yantrum, and they have two kids - Prince Zaloren, and Prince Treveon. In 425, he formally adopted Lord Grelan Tellis, making him his new eldest son.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor of the Vosti, Prince of Fovenis, Marquis of Linaster, Count of Powiton, Colonel of Vost
Year of Birth
361 AC 64 Years old
Aligned Organization
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