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Queen Shalion

Queen Shalion Robardon of Telziad

The last time the people felt united and represented by their king was at her funeral. None of us mourned as intensely as he did, but we all understood. Maybe things could have been different.
Queen Shalion Robardon was the second queen of Telziad, and was married to King Dravulean II from 385 until her death in 391. She was the daughter of famed Royal Historian Lani Koshidan.


Shalion was born in 364, the only child of her moderately famous mother. Due to her connections with the royal libraries and archives, Shalion received an excellent education. Her mother's friendship with King Dravulean I also meant that Shalion spent many childhood hours with his three children.
When she turned 18, she became a royal librarian, though this was a short-lived position. At that time, she was already being courted by the young Prince Dravulean. Her mother disapproved of the pairing and is said to have suggested Shalion marry Dravulean's younger brother Heren if she must marry a prince, but Shalion remained faithful to Dravulean. The two made their romance public in early 384, being engaged shortly thereafter. She left her job as royal librarian to devote herself to the duties of royalty, attending numerous official engagements.
Shalion married Dravulean in mid 385, receiving the title of Duchess of Hiwanlis as a wedding gift from her father-in-law. The wedding was widely celebrated throughout the kingdom, and Shalion fast became some people's favourite royal for her wit and humour.
She became Queen Consort in 387 upon the death of Dravulean I and the ascension of her husband to the throne. The sorrow of the royal family only deepened as Shalion had two miscarriages. Accordingly, she doted on her nephew Erameon Fovenis, born 389. She finally gave birth to a child in late 390, but complications and illness left her weak, and she passed away early the following year.

Family Ties

Shalion was the only child of Lani Koshidan, a famous Royal Historian who was granted the County of Robardon in 374. Through her, she has connections to the rich Polta family, though her branch has long since been disowned and unrecognised.
Through her marriage to King Dravulean II, Shalion was connected to the royal family of Telziad and even to the old monarchy of The Vosti Empire. She had two siblings-in-law - Duke Heren of Fovenis, and Duchess Sali of Furial. She had one child - Crown Larusion, who is said to greatly resemble her.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen Consort of Telziad, Duchess of Hiwanlis
364 AC 391 AC 27 years old
Circumstances of Death
Complications from childbirth


While Shalion was part of the royal family for less than 6 years, and only a queen for 4 of those, she was well admired by her subjects. Her wit and good nature stand in sharp contrast to the attitude of her husband, who has only grown more bitter and short tempered with time. Many suspect that had Shalion survived childbirth, she would have been able to reign in Dravulean's poor temper and maintain the good standing of Telziad which his father had worked tirelessly to achieve.
Whatever the possibilities, many mourn Shalion to this day, and her coronation portrait hangs on a prominent wall within the royal palace where all visitors can see.
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