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Chalsei Kóshoil

Chalsei Kóshoil is the symbol of the elven diaspora. An innocent mountain torn from its home, placed into a foreign land that cares not for its history. We shall be its protectors.
— Zounum Maazije, 107 AC

Chalsei Kóshoil is a towering volcano in the eastern part of Abravost, and is the tallest mountain above sea level on the continent. It is the only volcano that is part of the mainland, as opposed to the volcanoes which exist further off the coast and in the middle of the Shattered Strait.



Prior to The Collision, which brought the human and elven planes together, Chalsei Kóshoil was a well known volcanic mountain present in the region of Zaimyatl. While not the tallest mountain over all, it towered for miles over the surrounding farmland. Its lava was bright green, an unusual sight even in the elven plane, and was well renowned for nourishing the plains and granting bountiful harvests. Locals would bring offerings to it so that it might erupt, and named it the 'Divine Mountain' for its perceived connection to The Mother and Her aspects.


When The Collision occurred, many aspects of the human and elven planes were swapped across the divide and altered. Chalsei Kóshoil was no exception. The great mountain was moved to become a part of the mountain range in the eastern regions of Abravost. Upon its arrival, it began to erupt furiously, covering the surrounding hills in green lava and wreathing the forests in flame. By all records, it took a full week to stop erupting actively, and many days more for the fires to be bought under control.

When calmness finally emerged from the rubble across Abravost, the Elven population which had crossed between planes as well began to rally around Chalsei Kóshoil, due to its familiarity amidst a world they did not recognise. After negotiations were had with The Vosti Empire (once the language barrier was dealt with), the lands east of the ranges were formally designated as an 'elven territory'. This land became known to the elven diaspora as 'Waal Zaimyatl', after the region Chalsei Kóshoil used to be a part of.

Chalsei Kóshoil has not erupted since the Collision, though it has caused a number of tremors. After Waal Zaimyatl became independent in 107 AC, the volcano was placed on its flag as a symbol of the elven people.


Chalsei Kóshoil is tall, and far taller than any of the surrounding mountains, at a whopping 4006m. In its lower regions, it has been merged partly with surrounding mountains, resulting in strange peak protrusions where other mountains were previously.

A variety of hot springs can be found dotted up both mountain sides, especially near to where two rivers descend from it. These are well renowned across Abravost, and many describe them having healing properties which they attribute to the magic of The Mother being channelled through the mountain.

In the last century or so, the forests have began to climb higher up the mountain, regaining ground lost due to its eruption during the Collision and the forest fires it sparked. Many trees which are not native to Abravost have been found in higher concentrations around the mountain.

Chalsei Kóshoil's lava, when it has been investigated, has been found to contain higher levels of quartz and copper than in lava from 'native' volcanoes. In the rare instances where mining has occurred near the mountain, high quantities of semi-precious gemstones have been found.

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