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Shattered Strait

The farm is gone, and the river has run itself dry cascading over the cliff edge. I haven't been able to find Tomi, or Skipa. I pray they did not fall into the foaming waters below.
— Survivor's journal, 0 AC
The Shattered Strait is a vast and tumultuous divide between the islands of Abravost and Skarhu. Bordered on two sides by harsh cliffs and containing within itself numerous highly active volcanic islands, the Shattered Strait is one of the most inaccessible locations in all of Greater Abravost.


The Shattered Strait did not always exist, and originally the islands of Abravost and Skarhu were one. This changed in The Collision, where the human and elven worlds collided with devastating results. Amongst these was the splitting of the continent, leaving a gaping void in its place. This space would not stay empty long, with the earth erupting in protest and the seas pouring in.   Until as late as 142 AC, many believed that the other half of the continent had entirely disappeared, due to being unable to see it across the strait. Even when this perception changed with the Republic of Skarhu rekindling contact with The Vosti Empire it had been a part of prior to the incident, the Strait remained mysterious. Ships which sailed too close to its 'mouths' were swallowed whole by the rough waves, not to speak of those which tried to sail into it proper.   This has only recently begun to change, with Skarhu managing to successfully establish a small research outpost on the southernmost volcanic island in the strait. To the best of anyone's knowledge, the outpost's residents are the first people to safely enter the strait, though a safe route through the strait is many years away.


The strait is best described as a roiling mass of waves, broken up by firey volcanic eruptions. The strait is at its deepest where it meets the islands of Abravost of Skarhu, giving the water an inky black quality in these areas. It is at its shallowest throughout its centre, where volcanoes have erupted constantly since the Collision over 400 years ago. Some islands are non-volcanic fragments of the continent which came away during the larger split, including one which is connected by a perilous land arch to the Skarhan mainland. Accurate observation is difficult due to the strait's roughness, but there are at least seven major volcanoes, and undoubtedly many more beneath the waves.
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This article was written for the "Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like" prompt of Summer Camp 2019!

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