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Harushul (ha.ɹu.ʃul / ha-roo-shool)

I don't plan to leave. Generations of my family have thrived on this land, long before we stopped being able to go east. Until that bridge collapses, I'll be here.
— Harus Harusdan
Harushul, located on the 'island' of the same name, is a small village in north-eastern Skarhu. One considered centrally located in the continent of Abravost, the dramatic world alterations brought about by The Collision saw it be connected to the western portion of the continent by only a narrow land bridge, and be utterly inaccessible to the east.


As per its name, Harushul was the home of a farmer named Harus and his local community. Though not located along any of the major rivers which served as the artery of the vast Vosti Empire, the plain he built his home on was well suited to extensive crop fields, and was relatively close to the coast in the north and the River Glan in the south to have access to much of the empire.   This comfortable location was utterly ravaged by the Collision, which bisected the continent into east and western halves. Harushul would become surrounded by the Shattered Strait on all sides except the west, with a narrow and regularly unstable land bridge all that connected them to what would become Skarhu. Many of the small village's inhabitants would flee across the bridge at the earliest opportunity, particularly as the Shattered Strait experienced significant volcanic activity in the months and years following the event.   Some would remain, however, and have done so in the 425 years since. Once the volcanic activity settled down, their new 'coastal' position would bring increased rainfall for crops, and the relative isolation meant peace and quiet. During many of the conflict of the post-Collision era, the residents of Harushul have been among the last to hear of them.
Founding Date
83 BC 508 Years Ago
Inhabitant Demonym
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In recent years, there have been significant concerns about the stability of the land bridge, now that it has been subjected to over 400 years of erosion and seismic activity. The bridge has been considered too narrow to cross during storms for over a decade.   Many residents are saying that it would be wise to relocate before the situation gets much worse and they become trapped, but no wide-scale evacuation has occurred yet.

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