Telziado Cuisine

There are a few sights to see in Sinofis, as with any city. The royal residence, the grand central square, all that fluff. But if you're a true explorer, you go to Plem's Bar on Shol Road, and you watch a master at work. If there's one thing the Telziado know, it's performative flair.
As with any culture, the Telziado have their own unique cuisine. Their dishes typically contain fish and grains, as well as rarer foods like liadom berries.


While many people will create lovely arrangements of food on a plate to show to others, the Telziado take this mentality a step further. In many bars and taverns across their lands, you will find Telziado chefs who cook in open view of their customers, performing tricks as they go. Naturally, not everyone cooking a meal has time for such extravagance, but even peasants know a handful of sleight of hand tricks to entertain guests and foreigners in a pinch. The most well-known of these so called 'Performance Chefs' are Plem of Sinofis, and Ani Shayedan of New Fovenis.
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Favourite Tricks

A crowd favourite when cooking in public, many chefs will flip meats in the air and blast them with concentrated bursts of fire magic, scattering flames through the air. Another common trick is to use air magic to suspend some of the ingredients above the audience, though some cheeky watchers have been known to pinch them. This, predictably, never goes well.
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Author's Notes

This article was written for the "Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world" prompt of Summer Camp 2019!

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