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Any half-wit with a dream can be a mage these days. But a true mage, a master of the elements? You can't teach that. You gotta be blessed by The Mother Herself to be that.
Magic is a mysterious force, capable of bending the elements of nature and even the fabric of the universe to its wielder's will. Being able to control it is believed to be a trait unique to sapient species like humans and elves, and the Divinities who guard the universe.

How Magic Works

Every person possesses a soul. What a soul is exactly isn't clear, though many attribute its existence to The Mother, the creator of all things. Whether magic is a physical manifestation of the soul, or a reaction between the soul and some sort of 'magical particles' in the air, or even something summoned by The Mother or Ibraos in response to a mortal desire, magic occurs when the soul reaches beyond its vessel.  


The soul can be manipulated by mortals in many ways, and is to some extent unique to the individual. Teachers of magic over the centuries have put casting styles into 4 rough categories;  
Magic controlled through thought - simply thinking a spell and having it manifest.
Magic controlled through sound - from speaking a spell to creating it through music.
Magic controlled through movement - from simple gestures like pointing to full-blown dances.
Magic controlled through writing - can be in any material, with ink being most popular.
  These categories are not strict, and can overlap considerably - For instance, it is common for amateur mages to combine kinetic and acoustic elements, saying their spell names out loud and directing them with their hands. Some researchers also believe that all magic has mental elements, since it appears to only be cast-able with intent.   The style of casting does not inherently effect the strength of the final product, though this depends on the individual mage. An individual who specialises in written magic will often find their kinetic magic somewhat lacking, but this is natural for anyone learning something new.

Types of Magic

Magic is quite diverse, and can encompass a wide variety of spells, ranging from creating fireballs to speaking to ghosts. Spells can be divided between two categories - Terrestrial, and Planar.  

Terrestrial Magic

Terrestrial magic is the most well known type of magic, and is most commonly associated with the summoning and controlling of the elements. This does include "traditional" Elemental Magic, but it also include spells which do not fall neatly into a single category, such as manipulating wood and summoning storms. Nevertheless, Terrestrial and Elemental are mostly synonymous. The use of terrestrial spells can be blocked by iron.

Planar Magic

Planar magic is less well known, only being explored in the aftermath of The Collision. It deals with the spaces between worlds, as well as the barrier between the living and dead. It requires far more control and energy, due to these barriers not being designed for mortal manipulation. Planar magic famously contains spells dealing with Portals and with Necromancy. Planar magic is not blocked by iron, but does cause reactions in Planar Iron.
  There are also other magical procedures which do not fall into these two categories - chief among them are the ability for mortals to form contracts with The Divinities in exchange for power, and the ability to infuse magic into materials. Magic can also be stored for later use inside gems or custom-built catalysts, which is considered a type of infusion.

Mother of Magic

Finding individuals who do not believe that The Mother, chief deity of The Divinities, is the source of mortal souls is nigh impossible. Finding those who believe She is the not the source of magic, however, it far easier. They are the followers of Ibraos, a supposed deity of magic and spells. According to them, Ibraos responds to the requests of all who call upon magic, but will also grant boons upon their adherents.   Such beliefs are controversial, especially in The Vosti Empire. They are increasing in legitimacy within the Kingdom of Telziad, largely due to the existence of their largest church in the capital city.
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While most magic merely relies on the strength of an individuals soul, there are tools that can be used to improve the power of a spell. Many magicians take to using staves and wands to help direct their magic, often adorned with semi-precious stones and carved with spells. The use of volcanic glass harvested from Chalsei K√≥shoil is also rather popular, as these glimmering green crystals are full of magical energy.   Planar Iron is also a desired material for improving spells, due to its property of reacting to Planar magic. The theories hold that when it resonates in the presence of magic, the vibrations will reinforce spells.
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