The Medura

Your Majesty, our fledgling republic cannot survive without aid. The Imperial Army draws closer by the day, and if it reaches our territory, there will be a massacre. Supplies, troops, and formal recognition are requested immediately.
You say that you will be a monarch of liberty and empowerment. It's time for you to prove it.
Gloreon Skardel, Acting Foreign Minister of The Medura, to Crown Larusion of Telziad
The Federal Republic of The Medura is a partially-recognised country located in central Abravost, within territory claimed by The Vosti Empire. If legitimised, it would be the smallest country on the continent.


The region that lies along the Medura River has been historically important for centuries, owing to its fertile soil and central location on the continent. Often called the breadbasket of Abravost, it was keenly fought over during the Vosti Civil War from 330 to 336 AC. At wars end, everything north of the river became independent under the new Kingdom of Telziad, and the Vosti Empire retained everything to its south.   This has caused significant divide in the communities of the area, as each country treated their citizens differently. During an outbreak of plague in the 360s, the south found itself exploited and overworked by Emperor Treveon II in order to keep the rich nobility isolated and well fed, while the north received ample support from King Dravulean I to ensure their safety and good health.   Hopes for improvement were sparked when Count Rumen of Powiton was announced as Treveon II's heir to the imperial throne, as his family was closely linked to the north-eastern part of the Empire. This did not come to pass as, after his ascension as Brimeon IV in 402 AC, he continued to enforce the status quo.   In 409 AC, being careful not to alert imperial authorities, the Meduran Liberty Alliance was formed in the city of Kosdon, as local leaders and prominent became sure that things would not improve without pressure. The MLA met regularly to discuss the goings on of the region and what actions they wanted, and their "imperial representative", MLA member Baroness Zilian of Ordeona, innocently relayed her "thoughts" to the imperial court.   The MLA expanded in the following years, involving more small towns and cities even outside of the general Medura region. However, they were discovered in 417 AC, after a message inviting Baroness Yumi of Guarasi to a discussion was intercepted. Their meeting space - Zilian's modest estate - was raided by member of the Imperial Army, and anyone found in the area was arrested and carted away. Zilian herself evaded capture, but had her title revoked and estate seized by Emperor Brimeon IV.   Despite this setback, the MLA continued, though the Ordeona raid had scared many away. Those that remained came to agree - a peaceful existence within the Vosti Empire would not be possible. Efforts began to drum up more practical support from locals, including secretly procuring weapons and training in magic and warfare, as the MLA waited for the ideal moment to seize control.


The MLA found its moment in 425 AC, later than they would have hoped. Emperor Brimeon IV, in his 60s and aware of his failing health, announced who would serve as his primary heir. Rather than nominating his son Zaloren, he instead selected and subsequently adopted Lord Grelan Tellis.   While a precedented move - Brimeon himself had been adopted to royalty, as had his two predecessors - his choice proved controversial. In the south west, those aligned with a distant branch of royalty called the Ishir-Kerinstons began to protest, swarming the Vosti capital of Shonyul. As the IK protests escalated, the MLA held a final meeting in Kosdon to discuss their options. Within hours, the city of Kosdon had 'surrendered' to the Alliance, and been designated the capital of the new Federal Republic of The Medura.   A provisional cabinet was swiftly established as neighbouring towns and villages pledged allegiance to The Medura, with Zilian Ordeona elected as acting President. As the news spread of The Medura's secession, people began to travel to the region from far afield, especially from the city of Shonyul.   The most high profile of these 'immigrants' were the Skardel family, who in joining The Medura also brought into its territory the land they held as Marquis. Recognising his influence, Marquis Gloreon of Skardel was brought into the cabinet and appointed as acting Foreign Minister, responsible for contacting other Abravosti nations to seek aid.   In the few short weeks of its existence, it has been denounced by both the Vosti Empire and the rebellious Ishir-Kerinstons, but has been formally recognised by the Republic of Waal Zaimyatl. Recognition and aid is expected to come from the Republic of Skarhu as well, owing to its history of opposition to the Empire and support of its enemies.

Equality in Freedom

Founding Date
6th of Bremos, 425 AC
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Medura Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Civil War

The Medura's independence comes at a troubled time for the Vosti Empire. Years of disagreement and bickering about imperial succession are set to break out into all out civil war, the second such conflict in a century. Given that the last civil war resulted in the Empire's territory being more than halved, many fear that this may result in the complete destruction of the Empire.   Naturally, the Medurans are thrilled at this idea.
explosion fire
Fireworks by davidgarry


The Medura aims to be a federation of multiple states, each comprising a city and the towns that surround it. Each state would have its own democratic local government, though the specifics will be determined on a case by case basis. At the federal level the government would be a bicameral system, emulating that found in the Republic of Skarhu. The lower house would see members represent roughly equal amounts of people, while the upper house would see an equal number of representatives from each state regardless of population. The President of The Medura would be elected by the people independently of the rest of government.   As no official elections have been held, the current government is a provisional body which will oversee the election of the first president of The Medura, and under their leadership draw up the state boundaries and electoral districts. The provisional president is Zilian Ordeona, who was elected by the members of the Meduran Liberty Alliance.


The current territory of The Medura comprises several towns and cities in the north east of the Vosti Empire. It is landlocked, with a small border along Fovenis Lake, a lake which does not reach the sea. The northern border is defined by the Medura River for which the country is named, while its east is defined by the Krenar Mountains.   Many members of the MLA claim that The Medura will be larger once it has the military and financial strength to ensure the safety of border territories, on the basis that places which want to join the republic have not done so due to their precarious locations.

The Flag

The flag of The Medura consists of 4 horizontal bands of equal width, coloured white, orange, green, and black. The white represents the Medura River. The orange represents the yearly harvest, while the green represents the fertile earth in general. The black represents the democratic foundations on which the Republic is formed. The placement of the white and black stripes also resemble those found on the Vosti Empire flag, reflecting their culturally Vosti identity.
The Medura cover

  • 336 AC


    The Medura is divided
    Political event

    In the course of the Vosti Civil War, the farming towns surrounding the Medura River were viciously fought over. At war's end, the border between the Vosti Empire and the new Kingdom of Telziad was determined to be said river, splitting the region in two. Many southern Meduran families crossed the river in subsequent weeks.

  • 361 AC

    365 AC

    The Plague of the 360s
    Plague / Epidemic

    Believed to have originated somewhere in central Abravost, a plague sweeps the continent, causing countless deaths. A region hit especially hard by this is the farming towns south of the Medura River.

    Additional timelines
  • 402 AC


    Ascension of Brimeon IV
    Political event

    Count Rumen of Powiton, a nobleman and Colonel in the Imperial Army, ascends to the thone of the Vosti Empire as Emperor Brimeon IV. Due to his county and an associated barony being in the heartland of the Medura region, the locals hope that this signals a change in their treatment at the hands of the Empire.

  • 409 AC


    The Meduran Liberty Alliance is formed

    After giving Brimeon IV nearly 7 years to take action regarding the Medura region, a collection of its nobles and prominent figures realised that he was simply going to uphold the status quo. After a handful of scattered meetings and discussions, the Meduran Liberty Alliance was formed in order to better coordinate the needs and desires of the Meduran citizens.

  • 417 AC


    Letter for Yumi of Guarasi intercepted

    Baroness Yumi of Guarasi, the niece of Emperor Brimeon IV, was usually a resident of the Medura region. However, for the past few months she had been staying in the city of Shonyul with her partner, Payima Skardel. The Meduran Liberty Alliance, determined to involve her in their growing movement, took the risk of sending a letter to her.
    It was intercepted by one of her uncle's guards, and secretly reported to the Imperial Army.

  • 417 AC


    Raid of Ordeona
    Military action

    2 weeks after intercepting the letter for Yumi, a group of imperial soldiers raided the Ordeona estate in the middle of an MLA meeting. Those who had gathered fled, including the estate's owner, Baroness Zilian. Twenty people were captured in the raid, with a dozen more caught in the following days. After the raid, the Ordeona barony was dissolved and its property seized for the emperor.
    Despite being evicted from her home, Zilian was able to evade capture by staying with non-noble members of the MLA.

  • 420 AC


    Zilian Ordeona elected President of the MLA
    Life, Career

    In spite of all the setbacks, the MLA continued to operate. As the years continued, and repeated efforts to weed them out were made by the Imperial Army, it was decided that the MLA should aim not for better treatment within the Empire, but total secession. To that end, it set about establishing a secret government, though at this time it was only symbolic.
    In the small elections held amongst the membership, Zilian Ordeona was overwhelmingly elected as President, and she pledged to ensure the independence of the Medura within the decade.

  • 421 AC

    Meduran flag designed
    Artistic creation

    In preparation for their eventual independence, the MLA set about designing a flag for the country. The final design was a group effort and voted upon by committee, and largely picked for its neutrality.

  • 425 AC


    Grelan Tellis adopted as Imperial Heir
    Life, Career

    Owing to his gradually-worsening health, Brimeon IV spent the early 420s determining who would be his successor to the throne. His answer came in the form of Lord Grelan Tellis, a low-ranking member of the Imperial Army who Brimeon adopted as his heir, displacing his son Zaloren. While supported in this action by powerful factions such as the Shonyuls, few others felt Grelan was a good choice for the throne.

  • 425 AC


    First Ishir-Kerinston protest in Shonyul

    The Ishir-Kerinstons, two branches of the Imperial family descended from Emperor Brimeon III, disagreed with the selection of Grelan Tellis as heir. The leaders of the faction, Duchess Larion of Ishir and Duke Rumen of Kerinston, rallied their supporters for a demonstration in the capital city of Shonyul. While no violence came from this first demonstration, the fact all protestors were armed and armoured signalled to many that direct conflict was inevitable.

  • 425 AC


    The Ishir-Kerinstons seize south western Vost

    Confrontations between the Ishir-Kerinstons and the Imperial Army rapidly escalated. After one violent encounter forced the protestors to leave the city of Shonyul, the duchies of Ishir and Kerinston were 'seized' by supporters. While hoped by some that this was a meaningless gesture, the territory held by the faction soon ballooned outside of these duchies, even taking a town that professed loyalty to Brimeon IV.

  • 425 AC


    The Second Vosti Civil War begins
    Military action

    With growing unrest and outright revolt in the south west of The Vosti Empire, Emperor Brimeon IV formally ordered the mobilisation of the Vosti Imperial Army to crush the dissent. Many outside observers believe that this act officially began the Second Vosti Civil War.

    Additional timelines
  • 425 AC


    Independence for The Medura is declared

    Taking advantage of the conflict erupting in the south west of the Vosti Empire, the Meduran Liberty Alliance publicly met in the north-eastern city of Kosdon and made their move. By the end of the day, the city and many of its neighbours had "surrendered" to the "rebel force", and they declared the independence of the Federal Republic of The Medura.

    Additional timelines
  • 425 AC


    Gloreon Skardel is appointed Foreign Minister
    Life, Career

    Within a day of The Medura's independence, the Skardel family arrived in the region to announce their alleigance to it. After discussions with the provisional cabinet, Marquis Gloreon of Skardel was added to the cabinet as acting Foreign Minister, and his marquisate was incorporated into the republic.
    The speed at which the family arrived, and at which they embedded themselves into the republic, have led many to assume that they had foreknowledge of when independence would be declared, and may have already been members of the MLA.

  • 425 AC


    The Medura is recognised by Waal Zaimyatl
    Diplomatic action

    After receiving a letter from Gloreon Skardel requesting recognition and aid, the Waal Zaimyalkee parliament brought the matter to a vote. Narrowly, a bill of provisional recognition was passed, and President Wiamchu presented it to his nation and by extension the continent.
    While currently only words on paper, it is expected that Wiamchu will mobilise a small force to bring supplies to the landlocked republic, though this will hampered by the Krenar Mountain Range which separates the two countries.


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