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Ishä is the homeland of the elfs. It is located in a tropical rain forest. The elfs live in harmony with the forest, ensuring anything they take from the land or the trees is replaced or maintained. This part of the forest is one of the most productive and has most variety of flora and fauna of any single area in the world.


Ishä is located about 100 miles inland of the western coast of Mishtz̀azey. The equator runs through the center of the territory. It sits in a large valley between ancient, well-worn mountains, which are little more than large hills now. The Po Thävur runs through the southern quarter of the region. Of course, all the (relatively) dry ground is covered with lush vegetation and multiple levels of trees.

Fauna & Flora

There are multiple layers to the forest here:    

Forest Floor

This is as it says, the ground level of the forest. Here grow plants that require little to no sunlight. As such, it is largely clear with the exception of various forms of fungi such as rethura and some magical plants. As there is room, there are a few larger animals, such as the three-horned vapouilä, and many smaller creatures, including rodents and insects of various sizes.  

Understory Layer

These are the trees and other plants that don't reach the canopy. These include the Paper tree and other large-leafed plants that don't grow above 30-50 feet. Many birds, small mammals, insects, and reptiles live here.  

Canopy Layer

These are the trees that form the "roof" of the forest. The top of the canopy is generally 120–180 feet from the floor. A variety of trees as well as epiphytes grow here. There is also a great variety of fauna, including kinkajou and especially birds, that live here.  

Emergent Layer

The emergent layer consists of a few trees that reach above the canopy.
  • Most of the trees are tower trees, which the elfs use as lookout posts, as they rise above the rest of the forest to heights exceeding 270 feet.
  • There is one, unique tree at this layer as well. Mother of Forests, Rishä Pamoli, is believed by the elfs to be the progenitor of all trees. She exceeds even the tower trees at 360 feet. She is believed to be sentient and able to communicate to the elfs, especially Tribe Päthush, who tend to her needs.

Natural Resources

The Ishä is abundant in what it provides to the elfs and, through trade, to others. Everything from mundane healing herbs to magical plants that increase strength when brewed into a tea to some of the strongest materials in the land to plants that can be coaxed into growing thin, strong rope can be found in Ishä, among many other things.      

Rishä Pamoli

The Mother of Forests provides much to the elfs, which they may share with deserving individuals. Most basically, she provides shelter and living space for elfs and other creatures, by way of boles and hollows throughout the tree. She also provides everything from armor to food to healing.
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Author's Notes

This is still very much a work in progress. The elfs are custodians of a wide variety of mundane and magical plants and animals... but I don't know what they all are yet.

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