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three-horned vapouilä

Basic Information


Four trunk-like legs, attached to a thick torso, long tail with a hair tuft at the end. The head is on a short neck. It's relatively long, with two long curling horns coming from the forehead and a shorter, slightly curved horn sprouting from the nose.

Ecology and Habitats

Lives primarily in tropical rain forests, most commonly found in the forests of Ishä.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The vapouilä eats the large-form fungi, especially giant mushrooms known as rethura, found on the floor of Ishä's rain forests. They also eat the outer bark of tower trees.
Average Height
3′9″–5′ at the shoulder
Average Weight
1,650–1,950 lb.
Average Length
head-and-body 7′10″–11′; tail 16″–32″
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Short shaggy hair ranging from deep brown to gray

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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