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As the caravan approached the city, Devon first noticed the gleam stone tower peek above the horizon. As they got closer the stadium became visible, then the city wall. But the two things that really caught Devon's attention were the trees south of the city and the cacophony of color that the hundreds (thousands?) of tents outside the city walls provided. He asked his father about them, has Devon thought the city to be huge.   "Ah, yes. The city is indeed large. But the housing for visitors is dedicated primarily for tournament participants and for V.I.P.s. Common folk who come to watch the tournament must find other housing. So they bring their own. As we have."
  The city of Nezhgub is host to the annual Tournament of Champions. This is what the city was originally built for. However, in recent years it has also earned some noteriety as a source for exotic cuisine, exotic trading, and as a good place to lay your head when crossing the desert.


There is a single appointed city administrator whose responsibility is the safety and basic operation of the city. All city guards and administrative departments answer directly to the administrator.   There is also a city council who handles day to day issues among the populace. The council is also responsible for planning the Tournament, but this is done with heavy cooperation with the administrator.


The city is surrounded by a 12’ high, 4’ thick wall of sandstone. There are two gates into the city, one to the west, one to the southeast. Each gate has a 20’ long entry-way with internal and external portcullises that allows guards to trap any would-be invaders on a smaller scale. There are external doors which can be closed, but not as rapidly as the portcullises.   The wall itself has battlements and machicolations. There are watch towers every 50’; but at most times only a few of the towers are manned.   The central tower of the city has an upper observation tower. It is always manned with four guards. This is usually sufficient to detect attackers, given the nature of the desert.   Access to the center section of the city is controlled by means of an inner wall. The wall has several open archways. However, access to the archways is controlled by the deliberate layout of the outer city's streets. In desperate times, covers are available for the archways which can be locked in place.

Industry & Trade

The city of Nezhgub was constructed to host the annual tournament. Thus most of the city was originally designed around hosting the tournament. However, over time it has become a largely self-sustaining city in it's own right. Most obviously, Meuzhzel Stadium can be used for events other than the tournament. It has become a large trading outpost, with an open air bazaar that is open most days providing access to goods of all sorts (legal and illegal) from across the continent and world. Nezhgub is midway across the mostly barren northern part of Mishtz̀azey, making for a convenient layover. Finally, the oasis the city is nestled against is home to a number of unique plants and a few animals, making for high-end exports and enticing local cuisine.


The oasis that Nezhgub is adjacent to has been around for nearly as long as there has been a desert in northern Mishtz̀azey. Thus, Nezhgub is built upon many previous settlements and cities.
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