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Known as the Green Planet, Alana is a shining jewel in the Thousand Worlds. Roughly 112% the size of Terra, Alana is located in the Geranis Galaxy and revolves around the star Tingressa, named for an Alanian goddess. Alana is circled by two moons, Capria and Aleria - named for the remaining two goddesses of Alana.   The religion of Alana is based on the existence of three all-powerful deities. Capria is the goddess of sunlight, rain, and growth. Aleria is the goddess of the sea, land, and eternity. And Tingressa is the goddess of the night, death, and rebirth. Each of the three divine beings are seen as responsible for both good events and bad, and all calamities are seen as necessary to make way for new good things. In this religion, there is no evil power, and ultimately no evil at all. Each individual faces the choice to accept the divine will, good or bad, or to struggle against it in a selfish attempt to experience only good things.   Because of this worldview, Alana's culture focuses on preserving harmony with nature. Alana is home to some of the most advanced clean energy in the universe. There are 4 main continents on Alana, along with 3 large archipelagos. Combined, these land masses cover roughly 21 percent of the planet's surface, and large areas of this land are left undisturbed. Nonetheless, the planet is still bustling with activity. Elaborate clean-energy trains connect the islands, and even run back and forth between the continents. There are also floating cities, which are part housing and part forest sanctuaries, moved from place to place to strengthen the atmosphere.   The architecture of Alana focuses on domes, spirals, and other eco-friendly shapes. Buildings are designed to blend seamlessly into the terrain. In the case of large-scale cities, urban development mimics natural geographic formations. Windmill farms are common, along with solar fields, solar sheeting on roofs, and ships whose sails can harness both wind and sunlight to create energy. Homes and businesses are spacious and multi-leveled, with large, well-lit rooms opening into courtyards and staggered gardens. Alana has a global population of roughly 4 billion people in the present day.   Alana is ruled by a council of 3 priestesses. Each priestess serves one of the three goddesses, and oversees activities related to their particular goddess. Each priestess also has the support of a council of elders, made up between 7 and 11 princes. Because of Alanians' desire for balance and harmony, they interfere very little with interplanetary affairs in The Thousand Worlds, and do not appreciate other planets attempting to interfere with their own affairs. Alana is primarily isolationist, though they are always hospitable and willing to trade with or aid the people of other worlds, as long as such relations do not contradict their beliefs.   Alana could be considered a Neutral/Bright world, where bad things may happen, but the actions of protagonists can still make a difference, and the world is overall a great place to live.


Alana has a moderate climate almost to the poles. Because of this, the greater part of the planet's four continents are covered with forests, rolling plains, and enormous lakes. The cities fit into the landscape without disturbing the natural ecology.
Alternative Name(s)
The Green Planet

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