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Arithia Valley

And before her lay her long awaited destination, the first contact, the blessed garden, the golden valley. In all her life she had seen nothing as beautiful as the view that spread beneath her at that very moment. She felt herself holding her breath, and allowed herself to taste the air of this new world.
As the sun set far behind the mountains beyond, it bathed the whole valley in its golden light. The river that ran down it glistened in its entire glory. For a second she thought she had seen, or rather felt the sheer diversity of life that awaited her below. As her gaze wandered up along the bends, twists, and turns of the river she knew her journey had not been in vain.


The valley itself lies somewhere deep within the Qa'al Mountains, which shelter it on both sides. Through the base of the valley, the Levia River flows, springing from Mt. Arith just beyond Arithia itself. The valley itself is a paradise for flora and wildlife of all kinds, receiving adequate sunlight as well as nutrient rich water from the mountains. However, that is not the sole reason for the abundance of life which exists here. It is theorized by many that the Valley is the site upon which the first Nati arrived on this world, and along with them the Asaeic Plane. The crash may have caused a grand rift to form between the material and the Asaeic, creating the rich environment it now exhibits.

While not many have seen the valley with their own eyes as it is unimaginably difficult to find, all who do claim it to be home to the most beautiful views one can experience, although some say that Roli'eh cities are more impressive. Nonetheless, the mountains and forests, as well as one of the four heavenly city itself Arithia with its skyward obelisks and towers which perfectly compliment the valley's natural shape.

The lands close to Arithia are well kept, allowing for agriculture which feeds once great city. Having but a fraction of the inhabitants it had at its peak, many parts of the city are falling apart and overgrown by the rampant flora of the valley. This is however treasured by many of its remaining inhabitants, seeing it as the course of nature at its finest.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of the valley remain mostly unexplored, though it is mostly thought that it is the home of the most diverse ecosystem of magical creatures and animals found nowhere else in the known world.

One such example is the Jebu Tree, studied by the Biota Aresen Uvali Husaris. These mysterious deciduous trees line whole miles of the Levia River. While their twisting trunks and easily identifiable 3-pronged leaf pattern are certainly unique, their most legendary feature is their ability to relocate. Every year, all Jebu trees make a strange journey down the river to the banks of the Hol lake where they await the arrival of Lanest Birds which feast on their fruit and nest in their branches. The birds seem to be the only animal with the necessary enzymes and body temperature to digest the Jebu fruit, and thereby release the seed from the shell within the fruit flesh. As such both organisms are dependent on each other. Why exactly the trees make their way to the habitat of these birds and not the other way around is still an enigma, and has thus far been explained by the inherent strangeness which arises due to prolonged contact with pure Asa. This is however no more than a theory.

Another example of the wide array of fauna and flora found in the valley and no where else are Krsachi Imari, a strange species of hermit crab-like creatures distinguishable from whatever they build their homes out of. They are said to have died out in the entirety of the known world, once inhabiting the area which is now known as the Kahi'ij Desert. They make their homes in the sand along the river and lake, hiding a few inches underground, only making their way out into the world under the cover of darkness. It has been observed that they mostly eat insect larvae and small fish, and enjoy bathing.

The forest is inhabited by creatures of all kinds as well. From the "kings of the canopy", the Red-Chinned monkeys to the large feline stalkers of the undergrowth, the Ne'as.

Natural Resources

The valley's soil is highly rich in minerals, especially Nitrogen, which allows for a great deal of agriculture to be done in a small extension of space. Fields are maintained with highly advanced agricultural technology, livestock are kept and orchards can be found closer to the forest boundaries. With the knowledge passed down from the ancient Nati, the inhabitants of Arithia make do, exploiting the land as much as they require. The Levia river is also integral to this agricultural prosperity, giving life during dry months, and harboring numerous species of fish and flora.

However previous expeditions have shown evidence of abundant levels of Trymic Coal and Aresy being found in the mountains immediately surrounding the valley, which would make the area invaluable for any larger empire with a thirst for military might. That basically referring to all of them. However, it seems some sort of quality about the valley makes it highly difficult to be found. It seems to have intelligence of its own and allows only certain people in. It has been noted that the most common kind traveler "accepted" into the valley are either those not looking for it, or those seeking nothing but knowledge. It also seems to have some sort of moral compass of its own. This intelligence, if exploited could also yield grand advancements in many fields of Asaeic research.

Alternative Name(s)
The Golden Valley, the First Garden, the Blessed Garden


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