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Garden of Spirits

That land looks so beautiful and peaceful that it is hard to believe just how dangerous it really is.
— Molnet Beltyth
The Garden of Spirits is the area surrounding Belletawa Mountain. It is lush and fertile, all life blossoming here due to high levels of divine energy seeping from the Pool of Life. However, the same energy attracts the presence of countless spirits. As a result, the region is very sparsely populated and inhabited exclusively by deities and powerful mages.


The region has no formal borders and is most commonly defined as the area from which you could see Belletawa Mountain with your own eyes while standing on flat ground. Most of the people here live around the mountain itself, where land is covered by thick grassland. However, woods start to take over the further you go from the centre. Unsurprisingly, it is the other way around for the hills which are much more prominent closer to Belletawa Mountain. Numerous streams run down from the mountain, providing fresh water to everyone living near it.

Fauna & Flora

The Garden of Spirits is sprawling with wildlife. All sorts of animals and plants can be found here, with an exceptional quantity of magic ones present due to both divine and arcane energies from the Pool of Life. Besides, many animals are possessed by especially strong spirits from among those inhabiting the region. This is especially true for the carnivores, which serve as a first layer of defence against anyone who would dare approach the mountain.

Natural Resources

The region is abundant in many different rare resources formed under the influence of its strong magic background. It is especially renowned for its magic-rich metals, which are rare to be found in places safe enough to mine. The land also produces many edible plants and is partially cultivated in some of the more populated areas. However, while safe for the local population, much of the Garden's food can be poisonous to the common folk exactly due to its richness in arcane energy.
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Divine Land, Peaceful Land
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Belletawa Mountain

In the centre of the Garden of Spirits stands Belletawa Mountain, much prominent for having the Pool of Life on its top. Although completely shrouded in rumours, even more than everything else concerning this region, the mountain is considered sacred by all races. Many people believe it to be the place where future gods are born, often attempting to reach it to no avail.  

Pool of Life

Located on top of Belletawa Mountain, it is famed to be the most potent Place of Power ever found. The prime purpose of the Pool of Life is to aid gods in their evolution. By absorbing the divine energy released by the process, the water in it became a concentrate capable of healing damage to the aura, including that suffered during the evolution.

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3 Jul, 2019 16:57

Are these spirits past humanoid inhabitants? Trips of people come to see it? How do the people living there treat the land & animals? If they are spirits of the inhabitants, do the living come visit in hopes to find their deceased loved ones?   Also, I like the font but not sure using an all-caps font for most of the article is good. I like the font's spacing of letters and words, as well as, its type-writer look

3 Jul, 2019 17:40

The spirits are not necessarily humanoids or even sentient. Spirits from all over the Endless Forest get attracted to the Pool of Life because they have a chance to absorb some divine energy from it, especially when some god decides to evolve there. That divine energy allows them to postpone the natural decay. Out of boredom, the spirits start to wander around the mountain, rarely going too far away though.   People don't really come to visit their relatives due to the fact that most spirits aren't really conscious nor good, and the place is crawling with them. You'd be drained dry or possessed before long if you dare wander into the Garden of Spirits.   Most of the land isn't treated at all. Relatively few people live here, after all, and for the most part, they have enough food growing wild to sustain themselves. Although some land can be cultivated and animals domesticated, depending on which race lives there (there are many small hamlets/villages here, most of which are dominated by one or two races).   The font is a subject of my eternal struggle, yes. It is one of the themes offered by World Anvil and suits the overall world's style fairly well, but definitely takes some time to get used to. I'm still playing around with it though.   And thanks for the comment!

Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
12 Jul, 2019 12:15

I looove this concept of a location high on magic. Good job!

12 Jul, 2019 23:33

Thanks! I'm surprised to see you being active around once again. Did you come back for the Summer Camp? Also, I have a few more articles to write on this region, focusing in more detail on the most prominent parts of it ;)

Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
18 Jul, 2019 09:28

Listen, no one could stop me from joining Summer Camp, okay, even if I had to write on stone tablets :D Cool! I'll make sure to come back again, to read some more of your stuff :)

18 Jul, 2019 13:19

Got anything you'd like an eye on?