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Terra's only natural moon, notable for its proportionally large size as compared with its primary. An object of art, culture, and religion since the rise of humanity, it was one of the first targets of solar system colonization and has since grown into a major world of the Sol System.


Luna was formed billions of years ago in the young Sol System, when a Mars-sized impactor struck the primordial Terra and ejected a vast quantity of material into space. Some of this ended up in a stable orbit and coalesced into a large moon. As a satellite Luna is notable for two major reasons: first, its size in proportion to Terra makes the pair verge on being a binary planet system, and it orbits at just the right distance to fit over the sun and cause periodic eclipses.
  Humans first traveled to Luna during the Age of Prosperity, as part of a race between Ancient America and the Soviet Empire, however permanent settlements were not established until Terran civilization recovered from its Collapse and the Wormhole Rush began.
  When humans first began traveling to and settling Luna, its appearance was what ancient astronauts described as "magnificent desolation". The vacuum environment and lack of easy sources for life-sustaining resources meant that even though it is the closest celestial body to Terra, it was not the first to be settled. When the first outposts and colonies were established, they were usually pressurized domes or tunnels covered with regolith to shield against radiation and micrometerorites, or located in ancient underground lava tubes. As its population and economic activity grew, Luna became a source for bulk materials such as aluminium and an easy launch site on account of its low gravity. Proximity to Terra kept the information networks of both worlds closely tied.


A financial and commerce center of the Sol System, Luna is rich and enjoys a high per-capita standard of living. Humans are a minority species on Luna, most of the population is made up of various uplifted animal species and transhumans such as torens, star-nosed elephants, and vrans.
  Once very close culturally with neighboring Terra, it now takes a neutral stance with regards to that planet's political disputes, preferring to focus on the rest of the system than over whatever petty miniwar is raging down there this week.


The Near Side of the Moon by NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University

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Cover image: The Near Side of the Moon by NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University


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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
24 Jul, 2019 18:15

Out of curiosity, is there any material they like to receive to favor life on Luna in trade of what they produce there ? Does the lack of ice caps made interesting variation compared to earth for the terraforming ?   Happy SummerCamp !

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