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Species of sapient biped originating on Terra, who evolved from tree-dwelling primates.


Humans are bilaterally-symmetric bipeds. Their bodies have a light covering of hair, nowhere near the level of their furry hominid ancestors. As a consequence of their evolution as endurance hunters they excel at sustained running, and while they are not the fastest land-dwelling sapient species known, they can beat almost all others at long-distance foot travel.
  They reproduce through live birth, a rather painful ordeal for human females. Like all other known intelligent species, human infants are highly altricial and require years of constant care from their parents as they mature.
  Male and female humans have equal average intelligence, but the distribution is wider for males (there are more male geniuses, but also more male morons).


At their best, humans are innovative, compassionate, and tenacious, while at their worst they are greedy, warlike, and bone-headedly self-destructive.
  Modern humans have inherited the tribal mindset of their ancestors, with an instinctual tendency to put other people into "in-group" or "out-group" categories depending on familiarity. They have a common tendency to stereotype and vilify people of different appearance or culture.
  Humans are mildly territorial and desire to keep interlopers out of their private property. However, this instinct is not as intense as in other species.
  Humans value democracy, but their societies tend towards oligarchy, patriarchy, and (especially since the invention of rejuvenation technology) gerontocracy.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens

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