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Species of uplifted crows created on Terra in the twenty-first century A.D.


They retain the same bodyplan as their sub-sapient ancestors, but are somewhat larger and have iridescent coloring on the leading edges of their wings and around their necks. This may have been added as a distinguishing mark so uneducated humans would think twice before shooting them. Two crude "fingers" were also added to the second joint on the wings. Their skulls were enlarged to accommodate an intelligent brain and the positioning of their eyes adjusted to face slightly more forward.
The vran genome was based on the New Caledonian Crow, with artificial coding for brain structures and morphological modification.


Vrans are just as smart as humans, but use their intelligence differently. They prefer to construct dwellings off the ground on stilts, and retain an instinctive fascination with shiny objects. Vranian legal and rhetorical traditions are well-developed, with rigorous debate occurring before any major action is taken. Compared to humans, they are risk-averse and more given to collectivism.


The vran were originally created in the 21st century as low-mass astronauts for a space program to construct a sunshade which would reflect enough sunlight to offset the temperature rise and thus the most immediate impacts of climate change, buying time for the international community to stop dragging its feet and do something. While this effort met with only limited success, vrans went on to become a spacefaring uplift species.
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Scientific Name
Corvus moneduloides sapiens

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